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Air and sea freight from China to Bahrain full guide 2021

Air and sea freight from China to Bahrain full guide 2021

Bahrain is one of the largest importers of products from China so many planes and sea shipments enter from China throughout the year. We intend to examine air freight and sea freight methods for shipping products from China to Bahrain. We will also see which of all the options is the best way to send cargo from China to Bahrain.

China is the largest producer and exporter and sends its products and raw materials by sea to the Persian Gulf. Bahrain, due to its location in a very strategic region, is one of the countries where air and sea exports, as well as cargo shipping from China to this country, are done in bulk. But which option is better to send products from China to Bahrain than Air freight and Sea freight?

Air and Sea Freight comparison from China to Bahrain

air and sea freight from china to bahrain

In general, Sea freight is needed to ship products that you want to send in high volume and weight from China to Bahrain. You may ask why. This is because the volume and weight of the cargo container send through the sea transport system are much more than the air transport. You can ship 18,000 canteens at once, which is amazing. But on the other hand, sending cargo by air or Air Freight is also recommended if the value of the products is very high about their weight. For example, for valuables, luxury goods, expensive mobile phones, or hardware that need to reach the destination faster, the Air freight transportation method is recommended.

China to Bahrain

In general, special documents are required for any shipping from China to other countries of the world, which are also valid for sending to Bahrain via Air freight and Sea freight. The following is all the documents required for the clearance and shipment of goods internationally from China:

Performa invoice for air and sea freight from China to Bahrain

Performa invoice

When sending products from China to Bahrain, the most important option is the product itself. In general, to show what product you are sending at what weight or price, you should prepare a Performa Invoice and write the product information in this fact. Although this document is very similar to business invoices, it also includes the following:

  • Buyer and seller name
  • Description of goods
  • Product classification
  • Price
  • Type of incoterms
  • Shipping details
  • Packing list

The list of export packages or products that you want to send from China to Bahrain is a sheet with the products that must contain all the items sent. This list is used at the customs of the destination country to check the products you have sent.

Certificates of Origin

Proof of origin is one of the items must provide with the products at the time of clearance in Bahrain. This certificate must be signed by a commercial authority in China to be considered a valid document for the consignee at the destination. Of course, you can also use an electronic certificate of origin or eCO, the issuance method of which is much more exported and faster. This certificate not only increases the ease of work but also has more credibility than physical documents internationally.

The best Sea ports in Bahrain

air and sea freight from china to bahrain

Bahrain is one of the countries in a very strategic position in the world. The country also has the highest cargo seaports. Bahrain’s seaports play a vital role in the wealthy country’s exports and imports. Bahrain Ports Authority, with its efficient system, can manage millions of tons of products per day in the country’s ports under the supervision of the Bahraini government. Among the main ports of this country for sending and receiving cargo and products, we can mention Khalifa bin Salman p, Sitra, Manama, .bahrain, mina Salman.

The best airports in Bahrain for sending and receiving goods

There are two main airports in Bahrain where international flights are operated to send and receive cargo. Bahrain International Airport is located in Muharraq, and the other is Sheikh Isa Airport, which is a military area.

The estimate of air and sea transportation time from China to Bahrain

In general, the time of air freight system is much less than Sea Freight from China to Bahrain, but in the following tables, we have examined the total shipping time.

Air Freight

Transit TimeBahrainManamaSakhirMuharraq
Shanghai4 days2 day3 days2 days
Shenzhen3 days5 days2 days1 day
Guangzhou3 days3 day5 days2 days
Beijing4 days5 days1 day2 days
Ningbo5 days3 days2 days2 days
Air freight transit time from china to bahrain

Sea Freight

From/ toMina SalmanSitra  
Shanghai12 days13 day
Shenzhen13 days12 days
Guangzhou10 days17 day
Beijing14 days12 days
Ningbo15 days13 days
Sea freight transit time frim china to bahrain


Finally, we must point out that sending goods from China to Bahrain based on the type of goods you have and the shipping you want should be done with one of the Air freight or Sea Freight options. If you have a large amount of cargo, use the sea option, and if you have a small amount of cargo and a high cargo value, use Air Freight. DDPCH is also proud to announce that it offers the best options for shipping cargo from China to Bahrain, whether by sea or air.

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