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Air Cargo from China to Israel Explained in Detail

Air Cargo from China to Israel Explained in Detail

Trading Economics claims that “Israel imports from China was US$10.47 Billion during 2018.” However, most of the transactions between the two nations were in the form of air cargo from China to Israel. Read on for more details.

How to Utilize Air Freight?

To send a shipment from China to Israel via air cargo, you have to ask for a forwarder’s help. Companies like DDPCH can lend a hand with your international transports. You have to book a shipment in the courier company and indicate the type of shipping method. Then the company will get in touch with you and explain the rest of the procedure. However, here are the primary air cargo methods you can choose from.

  • Regular: a regular air shipment includes delivery from China to an airport in Israel. During such a procedure, you are in charge of bringing the goods to the forwarder’s company and picking them up at the airport in the final destination.
  • Express: the process of an express transfer is as same as the regular one. However, it costs more, as it’s the fastest air transportation technique.
  • DDP: Door to Door is a service that offers cargo pick up at your address, packing progress, and distribution to the customers’ address in Israel.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of air cargo from China to Israel depends on the size, weight of your products as well, and the transfer method you choose. Couriers mainly utilize volumetric weight to determine the cost of a specific shipment. But there might be some added expenses in case you’re using express, DDP, and/or packaging services as well.

Custom Clearance Procedure in Israel

  • Estimating the value of products
  • Adding taxes
  • Individual clearance: the importer clears the cargo personally (requires specific document)
  • Collective customs clearance: the courier handles the clearance procedure

The Most Popular Goods to Transport

Electronics were the top imported goods from China to Israel during 2018. The average value of electronics exported to IL was 2.46 billion dollars. However, other popular products to bring in Israel are:

  • Machinery, Nuclear Reactors, Boilers ($1.61B)
  • Organic Chemicals ($623M)
  • Articles of Apparel ($584M)
  • Plastics ($373M)
  • Furniture ($479M)
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