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Top air freight airport in Kuwait for importing from China

Top air freight airport in Kuwait for importing from China

If you are importing from China to Kuwait, you need to collect a large sum of data beforehand. A very important piece of information you need to grasp is the top air freight airport in Kuwait for importing from China. In this article, we will talk about the most important and the top air freight airport in Kuwait. Read on to know more about the Kuwait International Airport.

Kuwait International Airport

Since Kuwait is a small country, there is only one air freight airport in Kuwait for importing from China. Kuwait International Airport is located approximately 15.5 kilometers south of Kuwait City in Farwaniya, Kuwait, which is spread over an area of 37.7 square kilometers. It serves as the primary hub for Jazeera Airways and Kuwait Airways.

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A section of this airport in Kuwait is known as Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base. This base contains the Kuwait Air Force headquarters, as well as the Kuwait Air Force Museum.

This air freight airport in Kuwait is the residence of the Abdullah Al Mubarak Air Base of the Kuwait Air Force. This Air Base has been used by Italian Air Force Boeing KC-767A’s since October 2014 to fight ISIL. The airbase houses the 5th Air Mobility Expeditionary Squadron.

Kuwait International Airport Facilities

The airport is located at an altitude of 62 meters above the mean sea level. It has two runways: 15R/33L with a concrete surface measuring 3,400 meters x 46 meters and 15L/33R with an asphalt surface measuring 3,500 meters x 46 meters.

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In this airport in Kuwait, cargo airlines such as Cargolux, Cargolux Italia, DHL Aviation, Ethiopian Airlines Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo, Turkish Airlines Cargo, Qatar Airways Cargo. These airlines deliver cargo products to destinations all over the world; destinations such as Hanoi, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Addis Ababa, Frankfurt, Sharjah, Dhaka, Dubai, Istanbul, and Doha.

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