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Why choose air freight from China to Austria (Vienna)? Must-read info

Why choose air freight from China to Austria (Vienna)? Must-read info

Air freight is always a decent choice when it comes to importing. If you are planning on importing from China to Austria, you have a lot of facilities via air freight. In this article, we will discuss shipping from China to Austria and explain the reason why we recommend you to choose air freight from China to Austria (Vienna)?

Where is Vienna?

Vienna is the beautiful historic capital of Austria. This landlocked country can only access free waters through its southern neighbors, Italy and Slovenia. Vienna airport is the biggest and most crowded facilities in the whole country that offers unique freight, cargo, and warehousing equipment.

Shipping from China to Austria

With an annual average of 236,500 TEUS, Austria is the 10th top importer of the European Union. Also considering that China is the number one exporter of goods worldwide, we can conclude that there is an immense volume of shipping from China to Austria is going on every year.

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The top route for shipping from China to Austria via sea freight is via railway and from either the port of Hamburg or Bremerhaven in Germany. On the other hand, as mentioned above, Vienna airport provides excellent cargo facilities in the form of an “Air cargo center”.

Vienna Airport’s Air Cargo Center

The freight handling facilities are situated inside Vienna Airport’s customs warehouse. These facilities have direct access to the apron, thereby enabling the flow between the airport and dispatcher. Modern systems and technologies ensure the optimum alignment of all partners involved, such as airlines, airports, customs, and transport services.

The VIE cargo terminal has wireless LAN and an EDI (electronic data interchange) network. This accounts for easy processing methods, efficient control of stored objects, and standardized access to data. The terminal is owned by and run by Flughafen Wien AG.

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Vienna Airport Facilities

This cargo center also includes a “Road Feeder Terminal” at a small distance from the main road and all the aircraft. This terminal has access to the following: 2 automatic HGV loading bridges; two 3-meter and one 6-meter pallet stations; four 3-meter locations in the special area for freight handling of large aircraft; 10-minute time for pallet or container trucks to turn around each of which has four in and out units.

Air freight from China to Austria: Conclusion

In conclusion, considering geography and the facilities provided at the Vienna airport, choosing air freight from China to Austria seems more efficient. If you have any questions or need help, you can contact our experts at DDPCH and inquire about air freight from China to Austria.

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