Air freight from China to Sweden (Stockholm) | Details to know

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Shipping from China to Sweden has become increasingly frequent if you are planning to import from China to Sweden, read on. In this article, we will talk about Air freight from China to Sweden.

Whether you are a small business where you buy items from China and sell to retailers in Sweden or buy gifts and items from china for yourself, air freight service from China to Sweden is a reliable method. Via air freight services, you can have your products picked up from the factories in China or you have them sent to the delivery agent to accept them in Sweden.

Shipping from China to Sweden

Stockholm is an important airport in Sweden, with many cargoes waiting to deliver to Sweden, every day from China. The flight time from Beijing to Stockholm is approximately 9 hours, from Shanghai, it is more than 10 hours, and from Shenzhen, it is almost 11 hours.

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Airlines carriers offering air cargo services from China to Sweden are Emirates Airlines, Lufthansa, Air China, and Singapore Airlines. Emirates Airlines takes the route of Hong Kong, Dubai, and Stockholm; Air China has the route of Guangzhou/Shenzhen, then to Beijing, and lastly to Stockholm; Lufthansa’s route is Guangzhou, Frankfurt, and then Stockholm; Singapore Airlines takes the route of Hong Kong, Singapore, and at last Stockholm.

All of the mentioned airlines have daily flights for shipping from China to Sweden. Items that can be carried through air freight service from China to Sweden are general cargo, battery equipment, copy brand cargo, and etc.

How does air freight from China to Sweden work?

In most instances, a qualified freight forwarding agency arranges air freights. For example, they might be large organizations that also arrange courier services and sea freights. Certainly, they will have experience navigating the international customs processes and logistics of moving goods.

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Here are the general steps that you will need to know when using via air cargo from China to Sweden, to send your goods:

  • Select an air freight forwarding company for your shipping from China to Sweden and decide on the price of the service you need.
  • The freight forwarding company will receive the goods from your manufacturer. These cargo goods will either be are all ready for travel (known as RFT), or the forwarding company will carry out the required packaging.
  • The forwarding agency will take your goods to the airport and in China and go through customs clearance.
  • Goods are loaded into the plane for their shipping from China to Sweden. This could take a few days in case of a consolidated shipment.
  • Upon arrival in Sweden, the goods have to pass customs again and will only be released upon payment of all duties and taxes
  • After the air freight from China to Sweden is over, you will receive the goods as per your agreement with the freight forwarding agency.
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