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Why Assisted Purchase Agent in China? | All You Must Know

Why Assisted Purchase Agent in China? | All You Must Know

Chinese people know how to conduct business. Sadly, just a little number of them speak any other languages than Chinese. However, this will not stop you from getting your commodities at your destination door. In this article, we will talk about an assisted purchase agent in China. Read on to know why you need an assisted purchase agent in China.

What is an Assisted Purchase Agent in China?

Buyers and buying agents buy goods and services for use or resale by organizations. They assess vendors, sign contracts, and test product quality. Purchasing managers and ‘purchasing agents’ jobs usually perform more complex procurement activities.

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When selecting suppliers and products, buying agents and buyers consider price, cost, availability, efficiency and technical support. To be successful, purchasing agents and buyers need to have working technical knowledge of the products or services they are purchasing.

Why Assisted Purchase Agent in China

Supplier evaluation is one of a buyer or buying agent’s most important tasks. They ensure that the materials are purchased in a timely manner so that any delays in the supply chain will not interrupt production and cause the company to lose clients.

Buyers and buying agents use a lot of time to find out all about potential suppliers they can. They engage in meetings, trade shows, and conferences to learn about emerging developments in the industry and make contact with suppliers.

Benefits of Purchase Agent

  • Interview vendors and tour supplier plants and distribution centers to analyze and learn about goods, services, and prices 
  • Attend meetings, trade shows, and conferences to learn about emerging developments in the market and to make connections with suppliers
  • Analyze price offers, financial reports, and other details in order to assess fair prices
  • Negotiate arrangements with the company
  • Establish arrangements with suppliers, such as when items are shipped
  • Meet staff and vendors to review faulty or inappropriate goods or services and determine corrective steps
  • Evaluate and track contracts to ensure that sellers and suppliers comply with contract terms and conditions and to assess the need for modifications
  • Keep and review records of products purchased, prices, deliveries, product output, and inventories

In Assisted purchase (e-shop order) service, DDPCH helps you to buy any product you need from any Chinese company or Chinese e-Commerce website (Taobao, JD, etc.). After buying the products we arrange shipping all around the world.

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You need to contact us. We help communicate with the sellers on any matter; assist in searching for and choosing products; assistance in payment; help check the quality; take real photos of the products before shipping them to you; lastly we take care of the packing and shipping to you. 

Also, we provide a Sourcing service in china or payment service. Even we can provide Translator Services if you plan to travel to China to visit factories or sellers. We can be your trustee translator and guide, to save you more time and money in China.

The DDPCH can manage every step of your preferred shipping method. With our years of experience in delivering sea and air freightexpress cargos, Amazon FBA, and DDP shipments, we guarantee the fastest and most reliable procedures.

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