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Bandar Abbas Port in Iran Review Based on 2020 Analysis

Bandar Abbas Port in Iran Review Based on 2020 Analysis

Consisting of two primary harbors, called Shahid Rajaee and Shahid Bahonar, Bandar Abbas is a crucial coastal town. The former is among the top seaports in Iran, while the latter is one of the oldest.

Position and Extent

“Coordinated at 27.1832° N, 56.2666° E, Iran’s prime port, Bandar Abbas, is on the Hormuz Passage, the slender channel untying the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.”

Bandar Abbas City is the center of Hormozgan Province. It’s only as large as 175 acres. However, the Port—which is at a distance to the city—is much larger. Shahid Rajaee and Bahonar seaports’ extent exceeds to 212 acres.

The nearest islands are Qeshm, Hormoz, and Lark (13,70 mi, 13.5 mi, 21.5 mi).

Tactical Importance

Bandar Abbas has access to the ‘Persian Gulf,’ ‘Oman Gulf,’ and ‘the Arabian Sea.’ But the closest countries to this strategic seaport are Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrein, Kuwait, and Saudi Arabia.

It is also the hub that connects cities such as Manama, Al Qatif, Jubail, Al Khafaji, Kuwait City, Dubai, and Muscat.

The harbor is also linked to IRI National Railways. That is, the cargos can be transferred to Tehran, capital of IRI, upon their arrival.

Facilities, Berths, and Performance

Shahid Bahonar has 17,400 square feet of berth area for oil and general cargos. The total quays in this harbor are eleven. That’s while the Shahid Rajaee harbor contains 21,500 square feet of berths for general shipments along with 10,700 square feet of a container terminal.

Shahid Rajaee is by far the busiest port in Iran. 90% of the whole container transmits are managed at this place. And it also deals with 55% of the total exportation of the country.

The Role of Bandar Abbas in China-Iran Relations

China is among the top importers and exporters of IRI. The country succeeded in enduring its economic relation with IRI despite the recent sanctions. That’s why the overall value of China’s import in 2019 surpassed $5,000,000,000.

Shahid Rajaee port was the favorite seaport for Chinese traders in the same year. Nearly 5 billion dollars of the whole transaction in 2019 took place in this seaport. That’s while Bahonar handled only 12 million dollars of the abovementioned dealings.

Below you can find a table of the 2019 China-Iran export/import statistics in Bandar Abbas Port.

  Value ($) Weight (Tonne) Year
Import from China 5,290 billion 1852882.176 2019
Export to China 2,319 Billion 15702052.94 2019
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