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Best Wholesale markets in Beijing, China {2021 customer guide}

Best Wholesale markets in Beijing, China {2021 customer guide}

In this article from the ddpch website, we will focus on the best Top wholesale markets of antiques and artworks, jewelry and pearl, electronic products, and clothes in Beijing, China.

As you might know, China is the economic heart of the whole world. Most of the products and services are manufactured and produced by Chinese suppliers and manufacturers.

It is not important what you are looking for, China is the best country where you can find and buy all your required items.

As an importer, you might be looking for the best and top wholesale market in this country. Besides Shanghai which is the global center for finance, technology, and manufacturing, Beijing is the next good destination.

Beijing is the capital of China, a global city, and one of the world’s leading cities in business and economics. largest companies in the country and also largest companies in the world are in Beijing.

Therefore, you can find all your required items from all brands and type in Beijing.

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Now you might understand the importance of this city and look for importing products and services from the largest wholesale markets that exist here.

Best wholesale markets in Beijing

Do not forget that you are shopping in the heart of China, therefore, expect a crowded and populated place. Widely focus on your bargaining skills and your knowledge.

Shoppers can experience very easy shopping in Beijing as you want to buy electronic products, for example, you go to electronic wholesale centers.

Let’s start!

Wholesale markets of antiques and artworks

Beijing houses numerous antique and artworks sellers with some of them are popular around the world and the biggest trade centers in Asia. If you are interested in collecting antiques, Beijing antique city is a must-go destination.

Beijing Antique City

Beijing Antique City which is also known as “Beijing Curio City” is the largest Chinese antique center in Asia. It is a four-floor building which is located to the west of the Huawei Bridge on the southeast of the third ring road.

At present more than 600 sellers trade in Antique city and mainly selling old furniture, classical clocks, and watches, ceramics, old books, and paintings.

Thousands of tourists also go there for cultural festivals and traditional exhibitions. This market is open seven days of the week but it is suggested to visit it on Saturdays and Sundays.

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Liulichang Antique street

As the name suggests, Liulichang Antique Street is a long street in which sellers of antiques and artworks try to sell their products. This market is also known as “Liulicheng Cultural street”.

Curios, old books, paintings and artifacts are products which you can purchase in this street.

It is located on Liulichang Street in Xicheng District which is open seven days of the week. As it is among the best antique markets in Beijing, it is worth visiting it.

wholesale markets of antiques

Wholesale markets of Jewelry and pearl

Beijing is known as the center of pearls in China and each year thousands of visitors come to Beijing for buying pearls and pieces of jewelry.

Pearl Market Beijing

Pearl Market Beijing which is also known as “Beijing Hongqiao Pearl Market” is a famous market around the world where dealing pearls. It is an eight-floor market which is located in Tiantan Road, Dongcheng district of Beijing.

A large number of visitors and tourists come to this market and try to buy their required pearls. You find whatever pearl in what kind you want in this worldly market.

Pearl Market Beijing is known as the center of pearl in China. As the colors, sizes, and other factors of the pearls varied, the prices are significantly different.

You would face all precious stones that prices vary between a few yuans to thousands of yuans. Therefore, it is a market for all the people.

International Jewelry Exchange Center

One of the biggest jewelry wholesale market in China which is located in Beijing is International Jewelry Exchange Center. It is located in Huixin East street in Chaoyang district.

In this center, you can have access to all kinds of diamonds and pieces of jewelry, ivory, and crystal. As some of the shoppers of this international center have their own factories, the styles may change from one store to another.

In this case, prices may vary significantly. It means that you can buy a piece of jewelry for just 50 Yuan, However, find a piece of diamond jewelry which worths more than 200.000 Yuan.

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Do not forget that quality change accordingly to prices. It is worth mentioning that using your bargaining skills will be so much helpful in this international center.

wholesale markets of jewelry in Beijing

Wholesale markets of Electronic products in Beijing

As it was mentioned in the beginning, Beijing is the center of electronics and science in China. Therefore, locating large electronic and digital malls in this city is not surprising.

In this section we will point to the most famous and populated ones.

Zhongguancun Electronics Mall

One of the best electronic malls in Beijing where you can find computers, Laptops, iPads, and computer parts, is Zhongguancun Electronics Mall.

Alongside buying digital devices, you can get your digital items fixed here. It is worth mention that fake digital devices are sold there, too. So, be careful and get enough information before visiting this mall.

This mall is located on 11 Zhongguancun Dajie on Haidian district and is open seven days of the week.

It should stated that this mall is located in a huge area which dedicated to Electronic products.

Saibo Digital Department Store

One of the best electronics malls in Beijing is Saibo Digital Department Store which is located in Huixin Dong Jie, Yayuncun in Chaoyang district.

It is not possible that looking for a special digital device and would not find it in this mall. But it should be stated that bargain is not helpful here as they are more big brand here.

All your required items found here, from iPads and camputers to different brands of phones.

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wholesale markets of electronics in Beijing

Wholesale markets of clothes in Beijing

Yes, China is the economic heart of the world and in this heart, it is not possible to not find large and popular wholesale markets of clothes.

Tianle clothing wholesale Market

The biggest clothing center in north China is Tianle clothing wholesale Market which is located in Xizhimen Wai Avenue south on the 28th.

In this famous wholesale of clothes, you can find garments, casual wear, jeans, sport shirts and also children’s clothing.

Mostly classier population attract to this mall and recently it was reported that prices are much expensive than other wholesale markets. However, paying more is equivalent to getting higher quality products.

Zoo market

The zoo market is the monster of wholesale markets of clothes in Beijing. As the name suggests, Zoo markets are many big wholesale markets that gathered together around the Zoo subway.

Jin Kailede, Dongding, and Julong are the most famous ones among them which are seven markets. Customers said that clothes which sell in Jin Kailede are unbelievably cheap with good quality.

As these places are so crowded, you can not try on the clothes or bargain. But we guarantee that you could not find anywhere else in Beijing where sell at lower prices.

The best time to visit Zoo markets is the weekday mornings.

Best Wholesale markets in Beijing, China {2021 customer guide}


As in this article from the ddpch we mentioned, Beijing is the center of science and technology in China. They are some popular and large wholesale markets in this city where you can buy your required items.

No matter what you are looking for, Beijing is the city where you can purchase electronic products, clothes, antiques and so many other things from wholesalers.

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