10 top places for wholesale shopping in Shenzhen

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Shenzhen paradise of Modern Business!

China wholesale is what most of the business marketers are searching for because of good qualities and lower prices. Now a day’s china wholesale has competition with marketing giants all around the world and it is the first in many wholesale items. One of the most important business cities in China is Shenzhen: Shenzhen is the capital city of Guangdong province and one of the most technological cities in China and all around the world. It is also one of the main cities of Electronic wholesale in China and companies like Huawei, and so many other well-known electronic companies are based in this city. It is very interesting that one of the oldest human living evidence found in Shenzhen which is about 6700 years ago, and this paradox between the history and modernity of Shenzhen shows a great historicity of this magic city. One of the most important economic zones of China is based in Shenzhen too in name SEZ. The other interesting point of Shenzhen which makes it a great choice for international merchants for China wholesale is the important logistic companies that are based in Shenzhen, some old and famous companies like courier SF Express and shipping company China International Marine Containers (CIMC).  These are just a brief review of Shenzhen’s abilities and importance but we will talk about China wholesale centers in Shenzhen which are the best choices for trade marketers.

10 top places for shopping China wholesale in Shenzhen

1- Century Plaza Wholesale Clothing Trade: you can find many Wholesale Items in Century Plaza, especially the clothing trades.

2- Shenzhen Yiwu Smallware Wholesale Mansion: You can find anything for your daily use in this great shop as Toys and Cosmetic and Salon supplies.

3-Nanyang Haiyan Clothing Wholesale market: It is one of the most important wholesaling places in which you can try or test things in one or two and it is just special for the merchants.

4-Shenzhen Taoyuan Clothing City: Again, it is one of the most important places for those who are searching for a shining clothing Wholesale center in China and Shenzhen.

5-Shenzhen Baima Clothing: Baima clothing center is either a great place for closing but also one of the best centers for jewelry wholesale in China.

The next 5 are the most important Electronic Wholesale centers which normally you are searching for it

6- Huaqiang Electronic World: Also known as HQ-Mart, you can find many especial offers on Electronic wholesales also some second-hand systems.

 7- Yuanwang Digital Mall: One of the most important businesses of China in the cellphone was based on iPhones which you can find many wholesale shops with greatest prices in wholesale China, but normally many other kinds of cellphones and electronic tools are available.

8- Manha Digital Plaza: One of the oldest Electronic shops in Shenzhen is the heaven of accessories that you can find all you want there.

9- Mingtong Digital City: Every electronic Wholesale item you need you can find here, but another great point of this shopping center is the nice arrangement of shops in which you can find your needs easily.

10- Tongtiandi Telecommunication Market: It is well known for Smartphones Wholesale China, but you should know it is one of the busiest shopping centers and you should be very patient and careful.


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