10 top tips to have lowest freight cost for air cargo.

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What to know to have the lowest freight cost for air cargo.

Lowest freight cost is what most business companies and merchants are searching for. There are different tips but firstly you should calculate estimated shipping costs and air cargo costs. Usually, there are some calculating apps on the shipping websites for air cargos, but having an educated and knowledgeable person in your company will help you to have right calculating, sometimes there are some gaps between the companies or institutions calculation and what really cost in the matter of some gaps and new laws. Another important point is an up to date lawyer to know the tax laws and shipping services costs in different countries. There are some different services like express shipping or DDP services but it depends on your own strategy to choose which of them to have the lowest freight cost for air cargo. The other important point is to have secured and powerful shipping service which means to be sure of your buying or sending goods safety, there are many insurances and special reports on shipping services and air cargos, but be careful to firstly read the contact options carefully then have powerful insurances on your merchandise.

10 Tips of lowest freight cost for air cargo.

1- Choose the best transportation way: It depends on your merchandise and the distance but totally the cost and date are two important factors in choosing transportation, with calculating your maximum date and budget you can save your money by choosing a better transportation service.

2- Test Hybrid transportation: What is very important is that depends on your merchandise and distance you can choose hybrid transportation, in which way you divided distance in two-part and you sent you merchandise from A to B by shipping service and then you continue it by cargo, it will help you very much in saving money to have lowes freight cost.

3- Consolidation of transport:  In hybrid transportation way you will have some waste of money and based on countries rule it can be risky, there are many transportation companies and door to door systems which will calculate all of your transportation needs and they accept risk and insure them, which will decrease your cost and risk.

4- Supply chain visibility (SCV): There are some companies that follow SCV and it is very useful indeed very safe, they track their products in company and unchain in the receiving distance. It will be very worthwhile.

5- Calculating international outstanding costs:  As we mentioned in the first part, you should be aware of countries’ new laws and different transportation laws, if you will be not aware it can have a high level of risk and money wasting.

6- To have complete insurance: Some of the transportation companies have insurance, but what is important is to check coverage level and have full option insurance for any harmful happening through transportation.

7- Use Automation: As technology growing it decrease manpower gaps. Firstly, for decreasing the waste of money and time you can use machines in loading then it is better to check reports and doing law-based steps by online services as much as possible to have the lowest freight cost

8- calculating the total cost: A great calculating of cost to have not wasting money is to think about A to Z on transportation even the lateral costs.

9- Order free freight: In some transportation services there are some reductions of costing and free freight also there are some companies that accept free transportation based on your merchandise so you should be aware of them and find the best one.

10- Packing standards: The standard packing either decrease your risk also decrease the money wasting. Most of the risks happened when there is not a safe packing for your merchandise from the harmful happening through transportation. The other point is that a safe and good packing will decrease the merchandise weight which will save your costs.    


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