How To Import From China 8 Tips!

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How to import from China is the most important question of the merchants who are seeking to import their goods from China. There are many special tips you should know before importing your goods based on China’s transportation and trend law and based on measuring the risks. The important thing in getting information before any other tip is having a good agent to give you enough information on transporting and importing your trading. You can find out the best DDP agent in China from our door to door service agents list, also reading the blog articles will give you enough information on transportation and trading with China. Every day there are so many people that accept a huge risk of losing by sending the unaccepted goods or forbidden goods, and because they have not enough information on how to import from China.

8 Tips For Importing From China

1- Analyze your importing merchandise: China is one of the most crowd countries in the world which has many types of tastes and characteristics of people also there are not so many goods that they didn’t produce themselves because they are also one of the giants in the business. For importing from China, you should analyze the audiences very much and you should have great knowledge of their needs. Business strategies are the most important step for any merchant not only for importing from China but also to trade with all around the world.

2- The rules how to import from China: As mentioned before there are some range of goods which are forbidden in China or them are limited, to know how to import from China you should know the list for example : arms, ammunition, and explosives of all kinds; counterfeit currencies and counterfeit negotiable securities; printed matter, magnetic media, films, or photographs that are against China rules, economic, cultural and moral interests of China; lethal poisons; illicit drugs; disease-carrying animals and plants; foods, medicines, and other articles coming from disease-stricken areas; old/used garments; and local currency (RMB). Food items containing certain food colorings and additives deemed harmful to human health by the National Health and Family Planning Commission (NHFPC) are also barred entry. The following list is very important and there are no options on them, all of the mentioned lists is forbidden and never try to import them from China

3- Have truthful and strong suppliers: When you want to import any goods from China firstly you should have two steps, finding the best importing agent in China and then a strong company or institution to distribute your goods because a weak supplier can destroy all of your analyzes in the hard business d.

4- Costing strategies: Chinese people are on the smartest business owners in cost strategies and the values of their goods. You should have very deep analyzing the costs of your goods and the competitions in China. Different strategies are available that you should choose the most useful one which can promote your goods in competition with the local one.

5- Pay attention to contracts: If you ask how to import from China before to know how you should be very careful in all of your contracts with agents and suppliers. In earlier articles on DDP transportation from China, we mentioned that you should read all of contracts with all options very carefully to not forget any point or loose.

6- Save your tracking and importing code: You should save your codes to track your goods through transportation and importing. If you lose any of codes maybe you will lose your freights so be very careful in saving the codes.

7- Have reliable documentation: You should have reliable documentations to do your transportation from China easily. Having a DDP agent in China will help you very much.

8- Calculate taxes and other added costs: If you are searching how to import from China without taxes you should use our door to door services where all of the payments are accepted by the seller and you are free of charges.


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