Top Cheap Courier Services From China To USA?

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Top cheap courier services are one of the most important questions that any trader or cheap shipping interested people will search for it. There are many different cheap courier services, but each has advantages and disadvantages. Here in this article, we will discuss top cheap courier services to find out which they are better to choose and why? One of the most important points of a top cheap courier is the quality of services which can be the time of delivery and cost. You should never just think of the cost because tracking shopping or the quality of delivery is sometimes more important than the cost. You should have enough information on intercom and contracts for example for the door to door (DDP) services and so many other information you can read our earlier articles on this blog which you can find the link at the end of the article. In the courier services, you should know the approximate time of delivery based on your distance. For example, to delivery from China to the USA because of the long-distance, you should pay attention to the quality of packing’s and tracking from delivery services or the company and so pay attention to insurances and try to find out the best shipping agents in China.

What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Top 3 Best Courier Services From China To The USA

FedEx: In the different types and various names of couriers maybe you heard FedEx in top cheap courier more than other services. This giant courier company has many services to all around the world and you can have your shopping by your door through the door to door China services of FedEx or from other countries. This company founded in 1973. There are different advantages if mention some the cost and time of the delivery is incomparable with other services and quality of services is high, but one of the negative points about FedEx is the concern of FedEx to the US market. More than 3 of 4 range of FedEx income is from the US market and maybe it shows till now FedEx was not successful enough in markets of other countries. The other important services of FedEx are mailing and express services which will decrease the time delivery to the lowest range.

UPS: One of the oldest courier services in the top cheap courier is UPS. The company founded in 1907 and up to know it is one of the pioneers in the courier services from China to the USA or other lines. What UPS is famous for is protection. When you choose UPS, you are sure about the safety of your goods. UPS also is one of the best DDP services from China to the USA. There are a few disadvantages of UPS like the time of delivery in comparison to FedEx, but both of them are pioneers in packing and the cost.

DHL:  DHL can have narrow competition with these giants and surely is of the top cheap courier from China to the USA. In comparison with FedEx and UPS, it has some advantages like better tracking system and individual shipping tracking data, quick quote and shipment with just the country name, weight and dimension and the number of international hubs. But also there are some disadvantages like average billing discount, pickup fees on outgoing shipment and charges of EEL processing.  


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