What Is a Special line Shipping From China to Iran?

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Line Shipping from China to Iran is one of the greatest trades of Chinese ports in number. Islamic Republic Iran because of good politic and industrial relations with China is one of the main distances of Chinese Merchandise.  Also, Iranian Merchants and trading companies prefer to buy their goods from China because of the quality and especially the costs. There are many special line shipping services from China to Iran and to the ports of Bushehr and Bandar Abbas from all of the Chinese ports. There are both FCL (full container load) and LCL (less container load) line Shipping services. The average time of the shipping is around 15 to 30 days based on distance and the services, but the special line shipping will help you to get your goods at the least time. There are different goods that are famous in Trading between China and Iran and mostly Iranian trading companies are exited on electronics, Clothes, mechanical tools, accessories, toys and entertainments, and some other special goods which have great trading benefits for them. The Persian Gulf is one of the basic centers for shipment from East Asia to Africa and Europe, also the special line shipping from China to Iran using this line.

What You Should Know About Shipping From China to Iran.

The special line shipping from China to Iran is not free taxes because there is no free taxing contract between Iran and China and the taxes are about 28% of goods value which in DDP options it is obligation of the seller, but there are some special important goods like basic chemistry goods or drugs which are out of tax, but also there are some banned products which are produced in Iran like cars which have 100% taxes of goods value. For trading with Iran, Iranian merchants should have a special certification card of trading from the Iranian government and it is not related to incoterms like DDP and without this Identification card of the company or person trading by special line shipping is illegal for the Iranian buyer. There is another documentation which is common in most of the countries, there are some customs duties which the buyer for freeing the freights from asked port should do them, the goods must be checked to not be illegal and they should not be out of trading laws of Islamic Republic Iran, the freeing goods and loading must take some days like 2 to 10 days of documentation based on the good. Then there are many trucking freights companies in Iran from Bushehr or Bandar Abbas to all around of Iran and the trucking of freights from Bushehr to Tehran Must take some days like two or three days. As we mentioned in further articles for each of the goods there are special wholesale centers in China and for trading, to Iran, it is better to be connected with agents to choose the nearest port and lowest cost of transportation also there is air cargo from China to Iran which we will interduce them in further articles.


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