why choose DDP shipping services?

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What is DDP shipping services?

DDP shipping services (Delivery duty paid) are one of the most secure commercial terms in which the seller accepts all of the responsibilities of trades until it is delivered. It takes risks at a very low level indeed; it is like an insurance on your purchased merchandise which has many services and obligations to make a big trust in transactions. DDP terms are the indifferent form that in further parts you can read more about it. In some cases, it is VAT (Value added taxes) unpaid and it depends on the contract and terms of services. It is very important for the buyer who asked for DDP shipping services to read the contract and documents carefully within the names of the transportation company and the better selling services include special reports on these forms. In DDP sellers do not pay for unloading the goods and unloading payments should be down by the buyer side. Most of the time the consignee is the same as the buyer, but if not, it should be included and reported in texts and it is out DDP obligations. The other DDP shipping services name is DDP incoterm 2010 and it is a common name for the DDP services which means the obligation on all of the services by the seller. On the other side, it is important to know that the bill of lading is not included in DDP services too. The value of the contract and goods normally includes Item, insurance, shipping values which DDP shipping services accepted to pay the most. Other point is that the DDP service includes taxes in tariffs but there are some special situations that it didn’t like when the customer is surcharge in that parts some amounts of taxes should be paid by the buyer which depends on the contract.

What are DDP terms and services?

  • Acceptance of the risk by the seller company through transportation
  • DDP shipping services calculate all the costs of shipments
  • It is usually for the trades in which it is able to calculate the goods.
  • DDP is the great choice when the buying merchandise is in the high range of cost or number and buyer want to make risk decreased

Types of incoterm 2018

DDP    delivery duty paid to the asked destination

DAP    Delivered at a place which is for the specific locations’ delivery with the charges of all costs by seller

DAT     Delivered at the terminal which is sending for the port of destination

CIP       Carriage and insurance paid which is the option which seller pays the insurance and freight

CPT       Carriage paid to … which seller paid just freight

What are the differences between DDP shipping services and DDU?

In DDP shipping services all options include and the seller obligated to pay the complete expense, but In DDU services the seller did not oblige in taxes or some other payments. At the other point, DDP includes the other responsibilities on transportation and it is safer and more secure, and the range of the risk is very low in DDP shipping services. Both of the terms are coined and accepted by the ICC.


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