Why Use The DDP Shipping service From China To Dubai?

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DDP incoterm (Delivery Duty Paid) is one of the most famous and preferred incoterm services in trades, especially it has been preferred by buyers because of the many options it has. all the duties and obligations in DDP incoterm is by the seller and the buyer can be sure about all the risks and documentations. These years because of trading growth of China which makes it one the strongest countries with millions of trades in international business, many companies are using China shipping services and are in connection with Chinese agent to have their business down carefully. One of the main distances for shopping from China is Dubai which is one of the main chains of trading and duplicate services, firstly because most of the business companies have their agencies in China and Dubai, and after that because of cargo which Dubai does for them. We have many services from different cities of China like Shenzhen to Dubai which is one of the important ports for electronic trades.

Types of DDP Services From China to Dubai.

1- China to Dubai Air door to door services: You can choose a door to door services within DDP (delivery duty paid) services which normally support some cases like branded merchandise, Power banks, battery, cosmetics, phone, and tablets. It should have in green packing and the normal size they accept to carry is around 22Kg.

2- China to Dubai Sea Shipping door to door services: Normally because of the high costs and size of merchandise of the most popular services are shipping from different ports of China like Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Dalian, Tianjin and other ports based on types of merchandise to Dubai. Our DDP shipping services are one of the best and truthful doors to door services which has the lowest range of risk with great services. The professional agents with many years of trading experience are doing many documentation and insurance services carefully and with no error. Mostly it covers normal trades like clothing, industrial or heavy machines, toys and entertainments and what other merchandise that you can have by cargo like electronic things. It can be packed in cartons and pallets also normal size for delivery is around 400Kg.

Air DDP Shipping Services Cost From China to Dubai.

DDP shipping services cost is around 1 to 5 $ per kilogram but based on your services and the height of merchandise we will suggest you the lowest cost with highest services which are very safe and insured. There are many insurance services for shipping from China to Dubai which based on DDP incoterm the seller should be obliged to pay all insurance costs. The insurance is very necessary for keeping merchandise safe from any damages or disasters could happen and insurance calculate damages and will pay for any disaster unluckily happened to your merchandise. Normally we suggest all traders are very careful in their contracts and our experienced agents will do their best in the way of helping both buyer and seller to have safe trading and a successful business.


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