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The China-Jebel Ali Route | What are the Best Shipping Options?

The China-Jebel Ali Route | What are the Best Shipping Options?

It’s safe to say that importing from China is increasing each day. However, the China-Jebel Ali route has gained much more attention in the trades between PRC and UAE as the two sides are expanding their relationships.

We covered the subject of shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman in a previous article. So, this time, we’ll let you know everything about transportation to Jebel Ali.

Things to Know About Mina Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali port in Dubai is one of the most important harbors in the United Arab Emirates. Some people call it Mina Jebel Ali, and others refer to it merely as Jebel Ali. But regardless of the name, the significance of this port in international trades is undeniable.

Here are some fun facts about the biggest humanmade seaport:

  • It’s the most significant non-natural harbor in the whole world
  • It’s near to the Jumeirah Palm Island complex, which is one of the symbols of the UAE
  • The port can handle 20+ TEUs per year.
  • It’s a favorite spot for US navy as it’s large enough to let enormous ships in

Is Air Cargo an Affordable Method?

China to UAE Air cargo shipment is the best transportation option. That’s because the loads can be delivered fast and safe through this method. However, since most courier agents in China utilize volumetric weight to determine the fees, it’s only a proper option for certain types of goods.

For instance, if you’re importing electronics from Shenzhen, your best bet is using air freight. That’s because the dimensional weight of such cargo makes the overall bill affordable.

However, importing clothes from Guangzhou and other comparable light-but-large loads are the opposite. And it’s best to utilize sea freight to deliver them.

China-Jebel Ali Shipping via Sea Cargo

Although ocean cargo takes longer to deliver goods, it has some advantages that make traders utilize it quite often. Here are the upsides of this service when it comes to the China-Jebel Ali route:

  • Packing cargo for shipping through this method is more comfortable and cheaper.
  • Since you get to have LCL and FCL options, the final bill may be discounted.
  • There are fewer restricting regulations on the type of goods you can send through ocean freight.

We Can Deliver Your Loads to Dubai

Our team at DDCPH is ready to help you with every transactional need in China. We new the China-Jebel Ali route better than anybody else in the whole industry. And that’s because we’ve been using it to deliver cargos for a long time.

You can contact us right now to book a container or two to send your loads to the UAE with the first departing ship. However, since we also offer DDP services, you can lay back in your factory or home and let our team come pick up the goods, pack them, and ship for you.

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