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Choosing air freight from China to France (Paris) | Tips to know!

Choosing air freight from China to France (Paris) | Tips to know!

Planning on importing from China to France? What is the best option for transporting goods to Paris? In this article, we will talk about options for shipping from China to France. Also, we will answer the question of Why choose air freight service from China to France (Paris)?

Location and shipping options of Paris

The beautiful capital of France, Paris is located in the north of France. This city is not connected to any free bodies of water (minus the Seine river of course). Thus, shipping from China to France by sea freight has to be conducted via the Port of Le Havre. This port is located on the northern coastline of France at a distance of 196 km from Paris and is the second-largest port of the country.

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Charles de Gaulle Airport, situated close to Paris, is the largest and liveliest airport in France. This airport handles an immense majority of popular and commercial traffic and connects Paris to all major cities around the world. Air France is the national carrier airline.

Why choose air freight service from China to France?

When shipping from China to France, compared to sea freight, air freight is the faster option, however, it can also cost considerably more money. This method is specifically ideal if you are importing products with a short “shelf time” or food that have expiry dates. But when shipping from China to France, between cargo and express air freight which to choose?

Air express always refers to freight forwarding services that will use the door to door method to ship your products. If you want more information on “door to door” services, we suggest this article: Using Door to Door Service from China

Shipping from China to France

On the other hand, air freight service from China to France is sometimes referring to basic “air cargo”, which is most suitable for more substantial consignments. Air freight service from China to France is the most cost-effective solution if: your cargo is smaller than 2 CBM and weighs less than 200 kg; you are in a rush to have the cargo delivered.

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Keep in mind that air flight duration is not the only factor to consider. This time refers to only one component of the entire logistics process minus the required time for packing, customs clearance, trucking pick up, delivery, etc.

Airlines for shipping from China to France

The main airlines that operate flights from China to France are Air France and China Eastern. Air France (previously called Air France KLM) is the national airline of France. The company operates cargo flights to main international airports. And China Eastern Airlines operates a cargo division named “China Cargo Airlines”, which is the first all-cargo airline serving dedicated air freight co-operations.

How long is shipping from China to Paris?

The time duration of shipping from China to Paris can vary depending on the city of origin. Air freight duration from Shanghai, Ningbo, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen to Paris is 12 hours, and from Dalian and Tianjin is 15 hours.

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