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Customs Clearance in Iran Guide for Importer and Exporters

Customs Clearance in Iran Guide for Importer and Exporters

Sanctions have made it difficult for traders to manage customs clearance in Iran. However, the following guide will come in handy to those who’re still trading with IRI.

Documents to Have in Advance

  • Bill of Landing
  • Customs Declaration
  • Packing List
  • Proforma Invoice

What’s the Procedure for Customs Clearance in Iran?

First, you need to apply for customs declaration online. Your request will be checked, and a specific number will be dedicated to the cargo you’re expecting to receive. You’ll use the number in further procedures to determine your shipment—so, keep it safe.

Then you have to pay the taxes and duties for the current assessment progresses. (If you’re importing from China or other countries, make sure that you have the special permits for foodstuff and or beauty/hygiene products).

Finally, the Customs Clearance Department of Iran will inspect your declaration request as well as the attached documents to issue the authorization. If your cargo meets the criteria of the department and regulations in IRI, you’ll be able to bring them to the country.

The Green, Yellow, and Red Systems

Right after you acquired the number for your cargo, a color-specified procedure must be selected for the upcoming actions.

Red: Document and shipment inspection by an authorized person

Yellow: Inspection of the document and papers to match the delivery

Green: Sending the consignment directly to the last phase of clearance.

Tariffs and Duties

According to the official website of the UK Government, “Duty rates in Iran can be as high as 75%.” However, the general formula is to add 5% of the value of the goods to the trade, warehousing, inspections, laboratory, and transportation fees, as well as landing charges, etc. 

The Banned Items in Iran

The list of illegal materials in IRI contains firearms and ammunition, alcoholic beverages, including wine and beer, pork, narcotics, and pornographic contents. But it’s best to check the regulations in advance.

The Main Customs Centers

  • Shahid Rajaee
  • Shahid Bahonar
  • Imam Khomeini Airport
  • Bandar Bushehr

Is There any Easier Procedure?

The DDPCH team can provide you with the simplest customs clearance in Iran. We offer air freight, sea freight, DDP, and Express deliveries to this nation. However, if you don’t have enough time and money to spend on the paperwork, we can also manage the customs clearance dealings for you. All you have to is to contact us and book a shipment to Iran.

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