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Customs Clearance in Jordan | A Full Regulation Guide

Customs Clearance in Jordan | A Full Regulation Guide

Exports to Jordan from China have witnessed an increase from 354496 USD THO in November to 363281 USD THO in December 2019. If you want to join this party and import from China to Jordan, one of the most important datasets that you must check is the regulations of customs clearance in Jordan. In this article, you can read all about the customs clearance in Jordan.

Documents for Customs Clearance in Jordan

Like any other country, Jordan requires a certain set of documents when importing products into the country. The documents needed to import a product into Jordan are as follows:

  • Bill of importation coming through the Port of Aqaba.
  • An air waybill for items transported by air or a certificate of the distributor for goods transiting by ground.
  • A Declaration of Arab Transit for goods transiting Arab countries that are not Jordanian neighbors.
  • An invoice showing the quantity, type, and the number of the products and their weight, value, and purchaser and seller names.
  • An origin Certificate
  • Price declaration for products of a value greater than 2000 JD.
  • An access permit for free zone stored goods.

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Import Customs Duties and Taxes 

Customs duties are subject to legislation n ° 20/98. This allows for a gradual reduction of 30 percent (40 percent in 1998) of the relevant duties with an upper limit in 2003. This trend should be reduced to a maximum of 20 percent in 2010. There is, therefore, a range of five prices for the most common goods: 0%, 5%, 10%, 20% or 30%. 

There is also a range of five prices for the most expensive goods: 0%, 5%, 10%, 20% or 30%. The classification of tobacco and alcohol is on a scale of 50 to 180%. Imports of raw materials and machinery for capital equipment manufacturing as well as basic foodstuffs are exempted from customs duties.

You must know that you can use  LCL and FCL shipments to deliver your cargo to Jordan. For such shipping, you can employ both sea freight and air freight.

Non-Tariff Barriers fo Customs Clearance in Jordan

The Jordanian system of trade is in total liberalization. An import license is not normally required but an export license is. Nonetheless, it is immediately collected and allows you to pay on the presentation of the documents or to open a credit for the documentary.

Imports of certain manufactured goods are subject to quantitative restrictions, and imports of strawberries, fresh milk, mineral water, table salt, and plastic waste are forbidden. The State business handles some particular products, such as sugar, wheat, flour, rice, powdered milk, cigarillos, frozen chicken, lentils, and olive oil.

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It requires a license to import fruit, vegetables, other chemicals, medicines, other foodstuffs, and telecommunications equipment. Some goods need a license from different public agencies as well.

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