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Customs Clearance in Jordan Full Guide for the Chinese Traders

Customs Clearance in Jordan Full Guide for the Chinese Traders

According to the latest report of the Trading Economic, “Exports to Jordan in China increased to 363281 USD THO in December.” That’s why more traders who’re importing from China want to gain information about the Customs Clearance in Jordan.

Documents to Have

  • Bill of lading
  • Packing List
  • Certificate of origin
  • Insurance (Optional)
  • Pre-approvals
  • agricultural certificate
  • Health Certificate

The Customs Clearance Procedure in Jordan – And Costs

The following table shows every step of the customs clearance process in Jordan. Contact us if you need more detailed information.  

Procedure Cost
Moving the container to the bonded storage area (1 -2 days)  
The agent withdraws the delivery permission from the shipping agent Around 18- 60 JD for each declaration service
The agent collects all the required documents from the importer  
The declarants or their representatives may examine their goods before presenting the declaration (1-4 days) It costs nothing for the physical examination.
The agent opens a new declaration form and fills all the fields  
submit a declaration document electronically (1 hour) All the upcoming cost are negotiable with the agent as the service cost
Based on the shipment data available on the ASYCUDA system the container will be sent either to: Red lane, Green lane, or Yellow lane (duration: 1-3 hours based on the queue length)  
All containers will go through screen monitoring (X-Ray) Nothing
If the goods are subject to inspection (Red Lane), the Customs authorities shall send a representative team to inspect and evaluate the goods. If samples have to be tested in the laboratory, the cost will vary depending on the items
If the goods are not subject to sample testing (Yellow Lane) Nothing
If the goods are not subject to any inspection (Green Lane) Nothing
Re-Examination of clearance requirements (duration 1-hour maximum) Cost included in customs fees
Clearance approval is registered  
Payment in advance by the owner of imported goods 15 JD + duties and VAT + 0.03% + 2.5% if there is no importing license

Customs Offices in the Country

  1. AL-Karamah
  2. Zarqa
  3. King Hussein Bridge Airport
  4. Omari
  5. Aqaba
  6. King Abdullah II Industrial Estate
  7. Amman
  8. Mahtat Alrukab
  9. Jaber
  10. Jordan Valley Crossing Point
  11. El-Hassan Industrial Estate
  12. Al- Dleail Customs
  13. Bonded Warehouse
  14. ASEZA
  15. Al- Raqeem
  16. Al-Mudawara

The Best Clearance Process in Jordan

The DDPCH team can lend a hand with the customs clearance procedure in Jordan. Shipping to the Middle East countries is what we’re experts at. Whether it’s a DDP, Express, Air Freight, Sea Freight, or Amazon FBA cargo, we are the best bet. Reserve a shipment now and let our experts manage all the paperwork and labor.

reference: Import and export procedures guide JORDAN

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