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Customs Clearance in Oman | Procedures, and Regulations Explained

Customs Clearance in Oman | Procedures, and Regulations Explained

Trading Economics report shows that “Exports to Oman in China decreased to 260846 USD THO in December from 283482 USD THO in November of 2019.” However, there are still lots of traders in the PRC who’re dealing with this nation and want to know more about the customs clearance in Oman.

Necessary Documents

Based on the FIDI guide, you need the following papers for customs clearance in Oman:

  • Passport
  • Visa/Resident permit
  • Inventory in English
  • Destination Agent certification
  • Bill of landing (original)

The Procedure of Customs Clearance in Oman

The country recently introduced an E-Clearing system, BAYAN. So, as of now, you have to register online on the official BAYAN website. It’s an easy-to-use platform. All you have to do is to fill out some forms and submit the abovementioned papers.

However, the shipper still needs to register at the customs. They can either do it in person or through a representative that approaches DG Customs at Customs house.

Note: You should also authorize a company on the BAYAN website to clear the shipment.

How Long Does It Take?

LCL and FCL cargos require different processes, and that’s why they are not cleared at the same time. However, the general clearance schedule in Oman is as follows:

  • FCL: 6-7 business days
  • LCL: 7-9 business days
  • Air Cargo: 4-5 business days

Since Oman is an Islamic country, the schedule can change during Ramadan—an annual religious period. So, the above table will turn into the following program during Ramadan month in Oman:

  • FCL: 8-9 business days
  • LCL: 10-12 business days
  • Air Cargo: 5-6 business days

Note: the offices won’t operate on Fridays and Saturdays.

Prohibited Items

Oman is an Islamic country. So, you cannot bring in any item or content that doesn’t fit the Islamic rites. That is, pornographic materials, alcoholic beverages, several types of meats like pork, and other comparable kinds of stuff are not allowed in this region.

However, since the list of prohibited goods is much longer than that, we recommend researching in advance.

The Easiest Customs Clearance Route

We at the DDPCH, know how to deal with the regulations in Oman. That’s because we’ve been sending shipments to this nation for quite a long time. So, if you’re looking for the easiest way of delivering cargo to Oman, contact us right now.

We offer DDP, Express, Air Freight, and Sea Freight to Oman at the most reasonable prices. Plus, we can deal with customs clearance in Oman if you don’t have enough time to manage the paperwork.

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