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Customs Clearance in Saudi Arabia – the Regulations and Procedures

Customs Clearance in Saudi Arabia – the Regulations and Procedures

The Chinese traders have shown more interest in deals that include Arab countries lately. And now, many of them are willing to learn about the customs clearance in Saudi Arabia as the country is a major potential importer.

According to OCE, “the top importers of Saudi Arabia is China.” The overall value of deliveries for the PRC to this nation worth roughly 18 billion dollars.

Documents to Have in Advance

  • Certificate of origin
  • Customs invoice
  • Commercial invoice
  • Bill of lading
  • Insurance documents
  • SASO

The Procedure of Customs Clearance in Saudi Arabia

After your cargo lands in the final destination, you need to have the abovementioned documents to clear it. However, all of the papers must contain the signature of the following organizations: Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the exporter country, “bilateral” Chamber of Commerce, Consulate of Saudi Arabia from the exporter country.

Customs Duties in Saudi Arabia

It varies from 5% to 20%, depending on the shipments. However, used clothing and books in medium quantities are let off. Plus, there’s 5% VAT added to the duties to cover the services.

Keep in mind that books, CDs, photos, and other comparable items will be inspected. But as a rule, all the containers that are imported to the country must be checked before the customs clearance procedure.

The Banned Items

SA is an Islamic nation. So, you cannot trade in any anti-Islamic content. That is, some sorts of meats, alcoholic beverages, pornographic materials, etc. are not allowed. If you don’t want to face major importation issues in Saudi Arabia, it’s best to make a research about the specific religion- and security-related laws in this nation before you send a cargo.

Top Customs Clearance Offices

  • King Fahad International Airport Customs (Dammam)
  • Olayan Al Harbi Office (Riyadh)
  • Al Amal National Est. (Riyadh)

What’s the Easiest Way?

We at the DDPCH know how to deal with customs clearance in Saudi Arabia. That’s because we’ve been delivering DDP, air freight, sea freight, and Express shipments to this region for a long time. So, if you don’t want to get bogged down with all the paperwork, contact us right now and let our cargo shipping experts lend a hand with your trades.

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