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Customs Clearance in the UAE Step-by-Step Guide

Customs Clearance in the UAE Step-by-Step Guide

According to a survey, customs clearance in the UAE is the most efficient in the whole world. the country offers the fastest and the most reliable progression to those who’re importing from China or other nations.

Certificates to Have

  1. Original invoice
  2. Certificate of Origin
  3. Delivery order (for air/sea transfers)
  4. Bill of Lading (for air freight and sea freight)
  5. Manifest (for transportation by land or by wooden vessels or the like)
  6. Packing List for multiple goods

The Procedure of Customs Clearance in the UAE

First, you must fill out the Customs Declaration form online. Then you need to send the necessary documents to the duties office before paying the required taxes for your goods. Finally, the inspectors will assess your cargo and issue permits to take it away.

Forbidden Goods

The following list contains products that are not allowed in the UAE. So, as an exporter/importer, you can’t bring them to the United Arab Emirates.  

  • Frivolous drugs and narcotic ingredients
  • Stolen content
  • Fake cash
  • Witchcraft materials
  • Anti-Islamic content
  • Exotic, protected and endangered animals and certain breeds of dogs
  • gambling machinery/tools

Tariffs for the GCC States

According to the official website of the UAE Government, “the rate of customs duty is five percent of the value of goods plus Cost Freight Insurance.” However, if your cargo includes alcoholic beverages, the tariffs will increase to 50% of their value. That’s while cigarettes undergo 100% of duty fees.

Customs Ports in Dubai

To manage customs clearance in the UAE, you must opt to visit specific ports. The following list, therefore, is a list of some ports in Dubai to help you with that.

Land ports

– Hatta

– Dry Port

– Ducamz – Free Zone

– Dubai Textile City

– Dubai Silicon Oasis – Free Zone


  • Dubai International Airport
  • Cargo Village
  • Al Maktoum Airport
  • Jebel Ali Cargo Village
  • Dubai Airport FZ

Sea ports

Jebel Ali Port

– Rashid

– Hamriya

– Dubai Creek

– Coastal

What’s the Easiest Way?

We, as the DDPCH team, are able to handle all the legal and local procedures to clear your products. Moreover, if you utilize our Door to Door (DDP) service, you get to get involved in zero percent of the entire export and import system. We pick up your cargo at your door, deal with all the paperwork at the final destination, and deliver it to the customer’s door. So, contact us right now to book a shipment from China to Dubai or any other city.

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