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DDP Rail vs DDP Air: What is the Difference? | Advantage and Disadvantage

DDP Rail vs DDP Air: What is the Difference? | Advantage and Disadvantage

As an importer delivering cargo shipments from China to your destination city/country, you have many options to choose from. Door to door shipping or DDP is a very recommended method of shipping and importing from China. But how do we choose between DDP Rail vs DDP Air? In this article by ddpch, you can read all about DDP Rail vs DDP Air and know what are the differences. 

What is  DDP Air?

Air cargo or air freight is one of the fastest shipping methods from China to anywhere in the world.

Every day many airlines from the main cities in China, like Shenzhen, Beijing, Chengdu, Hongkong, Shanghai, are operating flights to Russia. To this point, DDP Air can be one of the best options for customers to ship packages from China to Russia or anywhere else in the world in the shortest time possible.

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Air cargo shipping from China for packages with more than 22 kilograms of weight or if you want to ship a valuable cargo.

You can use DDP Air to forward cargo shipments services to main Russian cities such as: Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Novgorod, Samara

Lastly, one down point about DDP Air is that you cannot ship all sorts of cargo via air freight. There are limitations to air freight cargo such as batteries and liquids. 

What is DDP Rail?

Before actually knowing DDP Rail vs DDP Air, let us get more familiar with each concept. Rail Freight services provide safe, efficient and environmentally friendly freight transport from China to Russia, LCL (Less than Container Load) or FCL (Full Container Load).

With Rail cargo service, you can send huge shipments from china tp Russian with a better price than air cargo service. Moreover, Rail freight transport is well-organized with fixed timetables, which allow accurate rail freight quotes. Another point on DDP Rail vs DDP Air is that Rail freight is not influenced by land conditions such as traffic jams. Keep in mind that Railways transport is the safest way of transporting your commodities while importing from China

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Rail Freight services from main China cities like:

Hongkong, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, and Urumqi to Russia (Moscow) happen every single day. 

As amazing as Rail freight might seem, there are limitations to this method. DDP Rail vs DDP Air here is that you can only use rail freight for neighboring countries such as Russia and then from there to Europe. DDP Rail from most Chinese cities to Moscow takes approximately 10 to 15 days.

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