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Door to Door (DDP) Railway shipping to Europe | Advantages, Price, ETA of 2020

Door to Door (DDP) Railway shipping to Europe | Advantages, Price, ETA of 2020

Many Importers nowadays prefer to choose Door to Door (DDP) railway shipping to UK; it has many advantages and the price and delivery time is the most convenient for them.

In this article, we’re going to read why choosing Door to Door (DDP) is one of the best ways for importers and learn more about Price and delivery time of 2020.

Why should importers use Railway freight?

With the massive railway routes now connecting Asia and Europe, Railway freight becomes one of the best choices for shipping the commodities to all around Europe.

Railway Freight offers a good price and ETA ( Estimated Time of Arrival) because of its railway connection to all around the Europe, again this makes it one of the best choices for importers.

What are the advantages of Door to Door (DDP) Railway shipping?

DDP Railway service is Frequent and has many secure connections from multiple origins in China, It covers the entire Europe.

DDP is Door to Door solution which consists of Rail main leg, pick up & delivery by truck; Railway is equipped with temperature controlled cargo and it’s a cost and time efficient alternative and handles customs handling and has insurance coverage, with DDP Railway,  monitoring and daily updates on security, temperature & transit status is available and one of the best things is Railway being an environmental friendly service.

Door to Door (DDP) has fast, consistent & reliable end to end lead times & an exceptional network reach, DDP rail has established & expert service with defined schedule & capacity to support the importers’  planning.

Railway Door to Door (DDP) service is up to 6x less expensive than air and faster than the ocean (lead times up to 21days) and with Railway DDP service there’s reduced risk of lack of space and cost-efficient routing within a defined schedule, also DDP service provides efficient handling of customs formalities & full coverage of cargo is also available.

The security of your shipments and visibility is available 24/7 and Rail freight usage of CO2 is up to 90% lower than air freight so it makes it an amazing option for those who want to take care of our Earth.

Railway Door to Door (DDP) Shipping price and ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) of 2020

As mentioned above, because Asia and Europe are connected with many railway routes, it makes it very easy to ship your shipments to all around the Europe in a short time, in DDPCH, our agents can deliver your shipments directly to your door in 15-18 days after we receive your shipment in our warehouse, which makes it a lot faster than ocean freight services which ETA varies between 25-55 days, also the price of Railway DDP service (which includes shipping, customs clearance, and delivery to your given address) varies between 2.5usd to 8.9usd based on the product and its weight and as you can see is a lot cheaper than air freight.

At last we can suggest importers, if they have shipments to Europe, DDPCH railway Door to Door (DDP) service is the best choice if you want to pay less money than air freight, wait less than sea freight and receive your package easily at your preferred destination.    

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