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Door to Door (DDP) vs. Freight services | Advantages and Disadvantages

Door to Door (DDP) vs. Freight services | Advantages and Disadvantages

Even though normal freight services have always been a traditional and convenient way for importing goods, Door to Door service (DDP) is on high demand these days for Importers to deliver these items to their countries but why is this service their choice? What are the advantages of door to door (DDP) service to normal freights? In this article by DDPCH, you’re going to read about both services and their differences to see which one is more convenient for you.

What are normal freight services?

Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo, Nowadays this transportation is being done by Air (cargo airlines), Ground (Road transport and Rail freight transport), and Sea (ship transport).

In these freight services the shipment will be transported from one port to the other, the importer must take care of the customs clearance and receive the goods.

The time of the shipping varies between different methods, and also the price is different so the importer can decide which one is more convenient based on the goods size, cost, and time limit.

What is Door to Door (DDP) service?

Many companies, including DDPCH, offer Door to Door service nowadays to their clients, this service includes all shipping, handling, import, and customs duties; This makes it a hassle-free option for importers.

Now why don’t all clients choose Door to Door service? We’re going to read more about advantages and disadvantages of these two options.

Differences between freight services and Door to Door (DDP)

The first thing we should mention is Door to Door (DDP) service is a lot more convenient for importers because it handles almost everything for them but sometimes that’s not the important factor.

In freight services the ETA (estimated time of arrival) in less than DDP

As it was mentioned above the freight services transport commodities from one port to another but in DDP service the shipping company agents must take care of customs clearance and also delivery to destination so it takes longer to arrive.

DDP is more expensive than freight services

You have to pay extra charge in DDP service because the shipping company has to handle your shipment from port to your address, but you can sit and relax and just wait for the arrival of your goods, you don’t need to use your own import licence card for customs clearance and delivery of your product is also being handled

DDP service can’t be tracked directly

In DDP services the shipping company does all the shipping process for you so unlike sea freights it’s not easy to track the shipment all the time via internet, This mostly relates to air freight because in other freight services tracking the shipment is also not possible until it arrives to the destination port. But support team of companies usually help a lot in this area and can provide information for you whenever you ask

DDP service is for certain countries

DDP service is only available for about 40 countries because customs clearance is different in each region whereas freight services are available for all the countries with an airport, sea access, roads and railways.

In the end DDPCH can offer Door to Door (DDP) service to you and take care of your shipments with a very good price, our support team is always there for your questions and help you with your shipments.

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