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Everything about Aliexpress standard shipping | Full Guide

Everything about Aliexpress standard shipping | Full Guide

Aliexpress is quite famous when it comes to suppliers for importing from China. This website on its own is a comprehensive e-commerce platform and offers various shipping methods. However, the most popular shipping method of this platform is the Aliexpress standard shipping. Read on to know more about Aliexpress standard shipping and how it works.

What is Aliexpress?

AliExpress is a China-based online shopping company, operated by the Alibaba Group. Launched in 2010, it consists of small businesses in China and other places, such as Singapore, selling goods to online customers from around the world. It is Russia’s most visited e-commerce website and was Brazil’s 10th most popular website. This enables the marketing of small businesses to clients worldwide. AliExpress compared to eBay since sellers are independent and use the platform to offer buyers products.

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Now that we know about Aliexpress, let us move on to knowing about Aliexpress standard shipping.

Aliexpress standard shipping

When you purchase your goods on Aliexpress, you can benefit from various shipping options via sea freight or air freight. This, of course, depends on the size and volume of your goods, the seller, your geographical location, and etc. Here, we will read about Aliexpress standard shipping.

Alibaba Group owns a logistics company called Aliexpress Standard Shipping. You should follow this method of delivery when ordering from the AliExpress platform and from other Alibaba Group-owned sites. The operating principle is such that the corporation is not a delivery service, even at this point the business giant functions as an agent, taking over most of the parcels logistics and control issues.

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Aliexpress standard shipping cooperates with various postal and courier carriers including Singapore Post, Posti Finland, Correos, and other international services. This is not the cheapest method of delivery, in some situations if the order itself is inexpensive it will be appropriate to pay a little extra, but the value often increases: The shipping duration is tracked within an acceptable time. Typical goods have an estimated delivery time of 15-45 days. Today, there is a luxury tier in Aliexpress. Luxury shipments’ average speed is 7-15 days.

AliExpress Standard Shipping is cheap and includes monitoring, it is, therefore, a popular choice among drop shippers. Safety is likewise top-notch. Since both the transaction and tracking information is stored on AliExpress, suppliers and consumers can check the status of order easily.

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