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FedEx VS DHL, which one is the best!

FedEx VS DHL, which one is the best!

When it comes to choosing a courier company for the air or sea freight, many companies come to the mind!

Particularity, these days, thanks to the internet, people can search and find many goods forwarder. 

As you have ever heard, FedEx and DHL are two prominent companies that have worked in this field for many years!

High customer satisfaction in both companies indicate that they care about their customer, and they want to provide all the best for them.

Hence, like other brands, again, this matter comes to the mind: “FedEx VS DHL” which one is the best?

It is a challenging issue that when some brands are introduced, people frequently ask! As good freight is a very crucial matter in these days, such questions are usual.

In this article, we aim to talk about the matter of FedEx VS DHL. At the end of this article, you will have enough information to choose the right company for yourself!

FedEx VS DHL, a challenging issue!

In fact, to compare tow things (whether tow goods, tow people, or tow companies) always is challenging.

Because you must pay attention to all the points, and again it is up to you to decide which one is better for you!

In such a situation, experts always suggest that it is better to have a list of advantages and disadvantages.

Then, you should write all the information about yourself, such as the amount of money, the number of goods, the time of delivery, and so on, on a piece of paper. It will help you to have the best choice. 

In the matter of FedEx VS DHL, we do the same to help you in this way!

All the vital information about FedEx

In the matter of FedEx VS DHL, in this section, we want to talk about FedEx Company. This company was founded in 1971, and now its headquarters are in Memphis and Tennessee (the United States). 

This company can do the air and sea freight for its customers. It works with 654 planes, then it evident why this company is decisive in this part.

The statistics indicate that FedEx sends 3.4 million packages and 7 million pounds daily by ships. It has a strong background in goods transportation in this field. 

These show that FedEx is a powerful company for the air and ocean cargo. Today, 140000 employees work in this company.

This company offers various services to its customers; they are unique for this company.

“FedEx International Next Flight” is one service for the fastest possible delivery. “FedEx International First” is the next morning service (but it doesn’t cover all areas). 

“FedEx International Priority” is three business day delivery, and “FedEx International Economy” is five business day delivery. 

“FedEx Same Day” is the same day delivery but just in the United States, and “FedEx 2 day” and “FedEx 3 day” are the same of “FedEx the same day” (all these three offers are for non-freight shipments). 

Advantages and disadvantages 

When it comes to talking about FedEx VS DHL, to know the advantages and disadvantages of each company is crucial.

In this section, we want to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of FedEx. The benefits of this company are as the following:

  • Insurance 
  • Discount ( 6 to 20 percent)
  • A code for tracking the packages
  • Personal services
  • Weekend delivery ( it is imperative for those who want to deliver their packages as soon as possible)

This company has this option to track and do many things online, and it is not necessary to go to the office in person (just those situations it is a must, as a contract of goods freight). It helps customers to follow things more easily.

And the disadvantages of this brans are as the following:

  • Few pick up and drop off locations 
  • Limited free packaging 
  • High shipping rate

All the vital information about DHL

In the matter of FedEx VS DHL, we want to glance at DHL Company in this section.

At first, you should know that it is a leading company in this industry. This company was founded in 1969, and its headquarter is in Bonn, Germany. 

This brand owns five different airline subsidiaries. This company offers many support services to customers to provide high customer satisfaction.

Yearly, 1.3 billion packages are delivered. It is essential to know this brand has a delivery to sanctioned countries such as North Korea (it will be a great option). 

DHL offers different services to its customers. It will help you to know these services to find the best one!

“DHL same day Jet line” is the fastest possible delivery by air. “DHL same day Sprint line” is the fastest possible delivery by vehicles. 

“DHL Express 9:00, 10:30, or 12:00” is the next day delivery at one of this time, and “DHL Express Worldwide” is the next day delivery at the end of the day to any international location.

Other services offered by this company are as the following:

  • DHL Express Easy 
  • DHL Express Envelope 
  • DHL Global Mail Business

Advantages and disadvantages 

When we want to compare FedEx VS DHL, it is better to know each company’s advantages and disadvantages. The benefits of DHL are as the following:

  • Extensive location and presence in 220 countries 
  • Air and sea delivery services 
  • Door to door delivery 
  • No pick up fees 

Besides all these advantages, there are some disadvantages to this excellent brand, and they are as the following:

  • Limited presence in the United States 
  • Extra charges 

To know the advantages and disadvantages of these two brands are necessary for each person who is in the situation of choosing between them.

FedEx VS DHL, comparing these tow companies!

In the matter of FedEx VS DHL, we talked about both companies in detail and thoroughly explained all the aspects of them.

If we want to conclude according to this data, we can say that both companies offer excellent services to customers, but one of them is more potent in some aspects and the other one in other parts!

Typically, in FedEx VS DHL, FedEx Company is better in domestic delivery. Something which is very significant for the customers in the goods transportation is “shipping rates”.

Both companies offer different services, but generally, DHL is cheaper in domestic and international goods transportation. 

Then, if your financial resources are limited, it seems that DHL is a better choice in the matter of FedEx VS DHL!

As you know, a critical point in every business is “customer member programs”.

Both companies have enough attention to this matter. FedEx offers different discounts while DHL offers a Bonus Program like coupons. 

International support in both brands is excellent, and we can claim that there is no significant difference in this matter between these two. 

Insurance is critical in goods transportations, and they offer excellent options for different packaging. 

All in all, both companies offer excellent services, and it depends on your program to choose one of them.

We advise you to contact each company and give them the information and ask them to give you the best option.

Then compare the services and prices. In the end, you have enough information to choose the best one!

Conclusion in FedEx VS DHL

Up to here, we talked about FedEx VS DHL. As you know, many other companies can transport goods for you. It is not necessary to search just for well-known brands. 

Many other brands will offer you excellent services. Some of them are as the following:

  • DB Shencker
  • United parcel service Inc.
  • Blue Dart Company
  • Royal Mail
  • Post NL
  • Purolator 
  • On Trace Inc.
  • TFL International
  • Laser ship Inc.
  • S.F. Holdings 
  • ZTO Express ( Cayman)
  • Yunda Holdings 
  • YAMTO Holdings 
  • B Post SA/NY
  • DTDC
  • Japan Post Group 

It is better to have a list of courier companies and investigate all conditions (like the thing we did in FedEx VS DHL). It is the best way to find the most suitable company for goods transportation. 

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Why chose FedEx for shipping from China?

Fast, Reliable Package Delivery, Time-Saving Technology, Outstanding Customer Service, save shipping cost up to 45%, shipping service from all city in china

Why chose DHL for shipping from China?

the network covers more than 220 countries, more than 100,000 international experts, more than 250 aircraft, and a fleet of 40,000 vehicles,– A door to door service with the un-deliverables return, Reliable transit time is as follows, Easy to use shipping gateway to prepare packages, Professional contact center for traders and consumers

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