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Freight forwarder vs Express carrier | All to know

Freight forwarder vs Express carrier | All to know

When you want to ship products while importing from China to any country in the world, you will have various options. Freight forwarder vs Express carrier are two options we often hear about. But what are their differences? In this article, we will explain Freight forwarder vs Express carrier and their processes.

What is Freight forwarder?

A freight forwarder is a person (or, more likely, a business) that arranges for transportation of goods from one location to another. They forward goods via air freight or sea cargo.

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While this might sound simple enough, there’s actually a whole lot going on behind the scenes to make sure the delivery of the product you’re expecting makes it to your office from your manufacturer healthy. But a successful freight forwarder can make the process look smooth, efficient and straightforward. Now that we know what is a freight forwarder, on the topic of Freight forwarder vs Express carrier, let’s move on to Express carrier.

What is an Express carrier?

Express carrier means a carrier that carries foreign express goods expressly under the cover of a single transport document (AWB), master airway bill (MAWB), CMR, lading bill, etc.). They carry out this operation by any means of transport as well as arrangements for the receipt, processing, and presentation of such goods to the revenue and customs control and customs clearance authorities at their customs clearance sites and their distribution to the consignee (return to senders).

Freight forwarder vs Express carrier

Now that we know the definition of each term, let us focus on Freight forwarder vs Express carrier the differences.

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The single biggest factor separating a Freight Forwarder from a Courier Service Provider is the method of conducting shipment distribution. Freight Forwarders generally work to actually move items with many other transportation companies. While courier services usually use their own personnel and equipment to distribute. Freight Forwarder’s services concentrate more on domestic and international transportation of domestic and commercial products. For businesses engaged in shipping a wide range of products to the overseas market, the service is compulsory.

Because Freight Forwarders do not use their own trucks and drivers to transport goods, it is important that they have strong alliances with other transport companies, specializing in transporting goods by rail, air, and ocean. Because of this, the quality of a Freight Forwarder can be measured not only by its facilities but also by the companies with which it has partnerships. Freight Forwarders bridge the gap between their consumers and the multinationals. Including Air and Sea freight, they also use LTL, FTL, and Intermodal (rail) for freight transport.

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