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how to find cheap shipping service from (Best Guide)

how to find cheap shipping service from (Best Guide)

If you’re looking for an delivery service, you’ve come to the right place. Alibaba is one of the largest marketplaces in the world. You can get special information about cheap shipping service from Alibaba various items at low here

Get more about is an e-commerce service based in China with customers from around 200 countries around the world and focuses on B2B e-commerce to connect various types of small and medium businesses.

Read Alibaba Guide: how to choose the best seller in Alibaba ( Top Tips 2020 )If you don’t understand how to import goods from abroad, here are the steps you must take.

5  Tricks to reduce shipping costs from China:


The most important and most important thing that you have to determine to a supplier ( ) abroad is on what basis you pay for the goods at that amount. Because, in import activities, you often come across the terms FOB, CFR, CIF, DDP, FAS, and so on, which indicate when the responsibility and liability for costs by the Supplier ends.

For example, if the uses FOB (Free on Board) then the purchase of goods where all Shipping Costs or O/F (Ocean Freight), Insurance and Goods Prices are paid after the ship arrives at the port of unloading; CFR (Cost and Freight) is a term for delivery of goods in which the supplier delivers the goods after the goods have crossed the ship’s fence at the port of shipment in a condition that has received an export permit, but the cost of transportation to the port of destination remains the responsibility of the Supplier.


After knowing the price and terms of trade from your overseas Supplier, it is necessary to ascertain the number of additional costs for the imported goods to reach your address.

To get the right shipping cost, every forwarder like needs accurate data about the terms of trade, weight, and dimensions of the goods . In this case, the Supplier must inform them of this. In fact, if you

buying goods on the basis of Ex Works, i.e., the delivery of goods is carried out somewhere belonging to the supplier, either at the factory, warehouse or other places, then you must clearly inform the forwarder the address of the goods, and even be informed about how easy or difficult it is to pick up (pick up) goods it is on location.


When importing goods from abroad, you must choose a professional local freight forwarder like who can assist you in managing and fulfilling documentation and customs clearance requirements.

Freight forwarders take care of all your logistics needs as well as negotiate freight rates, customs clearance, insurance, and then deliver the goods to your address. And most importantly, they can get your goods to their destination in a timely and cost-efficient manner.


Many people think that sea transportation is more efficient than land and air transportation, . Using ship transportation can transport a larger volume of goods. In addition, by using ships, you can cross islands, countries, and continents.

In order to save more on shipping costs of , you must choose the right shipping methods. It is very important to get your belongings at the desired time and place.

You need to determine how quickly it will take for the goods to reach your address. Therefore, it is necessary to think about alternatives whether by air or by sea. For example, goods from Singapore, air shipments by Press Cargo can generally take 1-7 days, and sea shipments can take several days to 2 weeks, or even more. This obviously has an effect on shipping costs. For goods in small quantities, it is often cheaper to ship by air .

You also need to determine whether the required transit time. Shipping costs for slow transit times or indirect routes are lower than for fast transit or direct routes.

Optimize the costs required for packaging

Packaging materials are an important expense item in defining the final cost of your shipments, in terms of:

  • Purchase of material
  • Safety of the goods during transport
  • Package size and weight

In fact, the material used has a certain cost. You can obviously look for the best offers for the purchase, but we do not recommend doing it to the detriment of the quality of the materials, which affects the safety of our shipment. Items delivered in very bad condition lead to having to spend more money for any product replacements or returns. Our advice is to optimize the purchases of materials, looking for platforms or companies that allow you to save on orders of large quantities.

  • When packaging items, remember to try to limit the size of the package and to use boxes or envelopes that are as large as necessary and no more.
  • Especially for intercontinental shipments, the size of the package heavily affects the final rate; therefore, taking into account the type of goods to be shipped, use packaging that can guarantee safety and low prices.

Avoid importing dangerous goods on

Dangerous goods (batteries ,magnets or…) are any substance or material that could pose an unreasonable risk to health, safety, and property. Identifying dangerous goods is the first step in reducing the risks posed by the product with proper packaging, communication, handling, and storage.

If you are asking why you can trust read Why Trust a Gold Supplier in Alibaba? | Detailed Answer for Importers


You need a freight forwarder in China like to arrange your freight. As we all know, the cheapest mode of transportation is sea transportation. Having a freight forwarder in China can save you a lot of costs and bring you greater convenience. They can communicate well with your suppliers and help you control the goods, especially the transportation under FOB terms. DDPCH associate with the best a shipping company like in China. If you have any other questions, you can contact us

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