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How to Find the Cheapest air freight from China? | Top Tips for Importers

How to Find the Cheapest air freight from China? | Top Tips for Importers

Statistics have shown that about 73 percent of importers expect quick delivery of their orders and at reasonable rates. Paying the lowest available delivery rates can be very enticing, but in doing so you can also have a negative effect on your profit margin. That is why it is more critical to find the Cheapest air freight from China.

Through this guide, we will show you how to How to Find the Cheapest air freight from China. By using the tips on this guide, you can easily move on to ship your commodities anywhere while importing from China.

1: Cargo Size

When measuring the shipping rates for each product, all major carriers use a special pricing strategy-called dimensional or volume weight or DIM weight. This approach takes into account the size of a shipment to assess the expense of its shipping. The measurement of the shipping costs is performed by multiplying the parcel volume, width, and height and dividing the sum by a regular DIM divisor.

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2: Speak to Several Carriers

Each shipping company has its own specific pricing schedules that are focused largely on the number of shipments. If you want to find the cheapest air freight from China, try negotiating lower rates with multiple carriers. Especially if you ship regularly, try and see which one works best for cost savings for your company.

3: Consider Indirect Airlines

Another way to find the cheapest air freight from China is to forward your cargo via indirect airlines. Indirect airlines are the ones with one or more stops on the way to different destinations. This way, the cargo will be forwarded to the destination by another flight, making the whole process more affordable than direct forwarding.

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4: Book Your Cargo in Advance

Like purchasing a normal commercial plane ticket, the earlier you book your shipping, the less money you will end up paying. Since air freight cargo is mostly through commercial flights, it only makes sense that booking your flight in advance will be greatly in your favor.

5: Utilize Third Party Insurance

Third parties will charge less for insuring the shipments. Although carriers charge merchants around $0.90 for every $100 of insured goods, third- companies charge insured goods about $0.55 for every $100. This means that if you are transporting large volumes of more costly items, such small savings will potentially easily add up and save you a lot of time.

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