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Importing Clothes from Guangzhou | Where to Find the Wholesales?

Importing Clothes from Guangzhou | Where to Find the Wholesales?

According to Statista, China’s textile production was 54.2 billion meters in 2019. So, it’s not surprising to see importing clothes from Guangzhou (a large textile producer) is in demand.

That’s because the city owns some of the most extensive fabric wholesale markets in China.

Why Choose Guangzhou for Clothes Importation?

The city is known for the marketplaces that offer low-price fabric, clothes, and other comparable items. So, the traders have the chance to buy the goods for a low price and export them via air freight or sea freight for a fair profit.

Most of the buyers are those who’re using the Fulfilment by Amazon in China. They purchase low-price items and ship them to Amazon FBA centers all around the world to be sold for a higher price.


Okay, we want to tell you about the most budget-friendly sites to buy clothes in Guangzhou. So, seeing Baima on the list may surprise some of you as it’s known for having some Grade A clothing stores.

But don’t skip yet. It might seem like a semi-luxurious location at first, but you can find some great deals on some specific floors.

If you check out the 2nd and 3rd floors, you’ll see some wholesalers and retailers who’re ready to sign a contract for a meager price.


Shahe is where you visit when your intention is importing jeans from Guangzhou. However, that’s not the only piece of clothing that you will find here.

Most of the traders from the Middle East opt to come to Shahe to buy high-copy and mid-quality dresses. And that’s one of the reasons why shipping from China to Dubai and Ajman is skyrocketing.


If quality is not a concern and you’re mainly looking for good deals for importing clothes from Guangzhou, make sure to visit the Shisanhang marketplace.

Shisanhang is where you can find every clothing type and material for an incredibly affordable price.

However, some of the products you get here are not of high quality. So, make up your mind before purchasing the goods at this wholesale.

Importing Clothes from Guangzhou is Our Job

We are the best DDP delivery agent from China to Dubai and any other city in the world.

Our DDP service allows you to send cargo directly from the clothing wholesale in Guangzhou to your own country/city.

We deliver your goods in the drop of a hat, and you can choose one of our several payment ways to handle the fees.

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