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International Airports in Iran to Import from China

International Airports in Iran to Import from China

Air freight to IRI is a high-demand service. Although there are few International airports in Iran to import from China, traders are willing to send their goods through airlines. That’s because it’s the most reliable transportation method.

According to the Handbook on China and Developing Countries, the trades between these two nations reached 276 billion dollars in 7 years. Most of the transactions that led to such an increase happened to take place in the 5 international airports of Iran that are listed below.

Tehran (Imam Khomeini)

Most traders who’re importing from China to iranopt to send their goods to Tehran. That’s because it’s the capital of Iran and the most advanced province in the whole country.

Imam Khomeini Airport, however, is one of the two largest airfields of Tehran, having 40+ overseas airlines. (China Eastern, Qatar, and Oman Air, to name a few). If your products need to be delivered to any northern town in Iran, you should deliver them to this airport first.


Shahid Dastghaib Int’l Airport in Shiraz, the capital city of Fars province, is located south of Iran. It’s a critical airfield in Beijing-Iran relations, as it has access to the southern areas of IRI.

The Shiraz airport offers a gate to ‘Bushehr,’ ‘Kohgiluyeh-Va-Boyer-Ahmad,’ ‘Yazd,’ ‘Kerman,’ and ‘Hormozgan’ provinces.

You can deliver cargo from China to Iran through these airlines in Shiraz:

  • Mahan
  • KishAir
  • Qatar airways


Located in the northeast of Iran, Mashhad is the city that links the country to Afghanistan and Armenia. The town also owns the Shahid Hashemi Nejad Airport, which is one of the five international airports in Iran to import from China.

South Khorasan, Yazd, Semnan, And Khorasan Razavi have land borders with Mashhad, which makes it easier to have direct and cost-effective access to them. Moreover, the city is tied to the farthest provinces in the South of IRI like, Sistan-Va-Baluchestan via railway.

Some of the INT’L airlines that operate in Shahid Hashemi Airport are:

  • Mahan
  • Qatar
  • Kish
  • Kuwait


The Shahid Madani INT’L Airport in Tabriz is the go-to for traders who’re exporting from China to northern west parts of Iran. Tabriz is the capital city of Eastern Azerbaijan province. And is has logistic access to some crucial ports such as Zanjan, Hamedan, and Kurdistan.

Cargos mainly get delivered to this airfield through Mahan and Kish airlines.


The most strategic international Airport in Iran to Import from China is in Isfahan. International Isfahan Airport is in central IRI, having land borders with 9 other key provinces (Qom, Semnan, and Yazd, to name a few).

There are 14 active airlines at this airfield. However, you have to work with Mahan, KishAir, Qatar Airways, when delivering goods from PRC.

How to Get in Touch with These Airports?

DDPCH works in line with all the abovementioned air cargo companies in Iran. So, you can use our delivery services in this country to avoid dealing with the paperwork.

Along with air freight, we offer sea freight and Door to Door freight (DDP) services from China to Iran. For more information and reservations, please contact us.

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