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Leading Cargo Airlines in Asia 2022 | ( Full Guide )

Leading Cargo Airlines in Asia 2022 | ( Full Guide )

This time on DDPCH, we’ll introduce the catalog of the leading cargo airlines in Asia 2019.

Who Determines the Candidates and How?

Our air freight expert analyzed the IATA index for the international air transport and extracted the uppermost names.

So, the record below is based on the number of transportation these companies had done throughout the past year.

1. Emirates

We all know that international shipping from China to UAE is an in-demand service. But Emirates showed that all other countries want to send cargos to Dubai.

This UAE based company had roughly 13 thousand deliveries which made them the Grade A cargo airline in Asia.

2. Qatar Airways

Arab countries seem to own the much-loved air freight service providers in the continent. Qatar Airways is number 2 on the register, having delivered more than 12 thousand loads.

3. Cathay Pacific – Hong Kong

Cathay was the biggest competitor of the previous two Arab cargo airways. This Honk Kong flag carrier had almost 11,000 shipment contracts last year.

4. Korean Air

This carrier is the #1 corporation in South Korea. However, it only gets to be in the 4th place when it comes to leading Asian cargo airlines.

Nevertheless, this giant airway had nearly 8,000 shipments to compete with others.

5. Air China

As the title of this article suggests, China is dominating the list. That’s mainly because there are 3 Chinees companies on the index—excluding the Cathay.

Air China, however, seems to be the most preferred one as it had delivered 7,000 loads throughout the last year.

We suggest you read our article on how to import from China for more information.

6. China Southern Airlines

Another Chinees cargo company on the category is a Guangdong based business with more than 6.5 thousand carriages in one year.

7. Singapore Airlines

Pretty girls are not the only feature this corporation is known for. Singapore Airlines managed to deliver 6,000 cargos in one year to build its way up into the inventory of the elites.

8. Turkish Airlines

Shipping to Turkey services is what most vendors require these days. So, Turkish Airlines used this opportunity to become the 8th most infamous Asian cargo airway.

9. China Airlines

Having more than 5,000 successful transfers, China Airlines is the last Chinees company in the catalog.

10. AirBridgeCargo

There are lots of corporations that want to make shipping to Russia an accessible service. However, none of them can compete with AirBridgeCargo as they’re the most powerful company in Russia.

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