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Ocean freight from China to France (Paris)? | Complete Guide

Ocean freight from China to France (Paris)? | Complete Guide

When importing from China to France, there are multiple shipping options. Depending on your cargo size and type, you can choose air or ocean freight from China to France. In this article, we will explain Why to choose ocean freight from China to France.

China – France trade history

In 1964, China-France bilateral trade amounted to just about US$ 100 million; it has now grown 600 times and was worth US$ 62.9 billion in 2018— an increase of more than 15 percent from 2017. France is now the fourth-largest trading partner for China in the EU, behind Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK. China is Asia’s biggest trading partner in France.

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Ocean freight facts

Why must we choose ocean freight from China to France? In this section, we will explain the top 3 advantages of shipping via ocean freight.

  • Economical: The ocean freight industry offers the most convenient shipping costs, especially when it comes to long travels.
  • Efficiency: Regardless of the size of your shipments, sea freight companies will meet your needs. Smaller shipments can be grouped together with other cargos to fill a container (LCL), enabling the importer to share the costs.
  • Sizable, heavy, and bulky cargo capacity: sea freight provides the capacity of shipping sizable, heavy, and bulky cargo, which is oftentimes regarded as breakbulk or Not in Trailer (NIT) loads.

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What sorts of goods are most suitable to be shipped by the ocean? Now that we know about the benefits of ocean freight, let’s see when shipping from China to France what products are allowed on the deck. Cargos such as big vehicles, machinery, construction materials, and more. While ocean freight cargo is oftentimes too heavy or bulky for air freight or even road shipping, very bulky cargo is not a problem on ocean freight vessels.

Duration of ocean freight from China to France

The closest sea port to Paris is ‘Le Havre’ port at almost 200 kilometers distance. From this port, there is a river canal to the port of Paris, through which cargo ships can arrive at the city of Paris.

Estimated shipping duration between top ports in China and ‘Le Havre’ port are: from Shanghai and Guangzhou it takes approximately 26 days, this duration from Shenzhen is 4 days shorter at about 22 days; From Dalian, it takes about 34 to ship to France, and lastly, shipping from China to France from the port of Qingdao to ‘Le Havre’ port is 28 days.

Shipping from China to France: Top ports

When shipping from China to Germany it is important for an importer/exporter to know the top ports in both countries. To this point, the top 5 ports of China are Port of Shenzhen, Port of Shanghai, Port of Guangzhou, Port of Qingdao, and Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan.

On the other hand, the top container ports of France are Port of Le Havre, Port of Lyon, Port of Marseille, Port of Paris.

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