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Why choose ocean freight from China to Italy (Rome)? | Details

Why choose ocean freight from China to Italy (Rome)? | Details

Italy is one of the largest economies in the European Union and an important partner for China in Europe. Thus there is a great number of businesses shipping from China to Italy. In this article, we will focus on why choosing ocean freight from China to Italy is a good alternative for importers.

Italy – China Trade

According to the UN COMTRADE report on international trade, Italy’s exports from China stood at USD 15.51 billion in 2018. Italy’s main importing from China was in the categories of Machinery, nuclear reactors, boilers at the value of USD 4.7 billion; Pharmaceutical products amounting to approximately USD 954 million; Vehicles other than railway, tramway valued at about USD 879 million.

Why ocean freight from China to Italy?

Seeing that most of the shipping from China to Italy includes sizeable cargo products, sea freight is a very smart decision in such imports.

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Although ocean freight is not only practical for bulky items, lighter cargo shipments can also be sent via ocean waves! In this method, products are fit into standard containers on board a ship and delivered with absolute safety to the destination port.

Safety aside, ocean freight from China to Italy is generally less costly than its counterpart, air freight. This method of shipping also leaves less of a carbon footprint, making it so much more eco-friendly.

Shipping from China to Italy: Top ports

Being familiarized with geographical information of the countries of origin and destination is a vital part of import/export. You might want to know the closest ports to your origin/destination warehouse or any other storage solution. This way, you will be able to make the most efficient decision in sense of ocean freight.

Having said that, the top ports of China are as following: Shanghai, Nansha, Shenzhen, Changsha, Wuhu, Lianyungang, Xiamen, and etc.

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On the other hand, top ports of Italy you can have your shipment delivered to, are: Port of La Spezia, Port of Ancona, Port of Venice, Port of Naples, Genoa, and more.

Ocean freight from China to Italy duration

In this section, we will discuss how long does it actually take for shipping from China to Italy. We will discuss from different Chinese ports of origin to various ports of destination in Italy. Below is a selection of shipping routes that connect Chinese and Italian trade partners. Do note that the times stated here are port-to-port, so please allow extra time for door to door consignments.

From the port of Nansha Guangzhou to the port of La Spezia, the shipment duration is 22 Days. from the same port to the port of Milan, it takes 32 days. Shipping from China to Italy at the origin port of Wuhu to the destination of La Spezia takes 36 Days. ocean freight from China to Itlay at the port of Shanghai to the port of La Spezia consumes 30 Days on the sea.

If you need assistance in ocean freight from China to Italy, you can consult our support team. Ddpch also offers door to door freight services from China to Italy via sea freight.

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