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Why choose ocean freight from China to Spain? | Full Guide

Why choose ocean freight from China to Spain? | Full Guide

If you are importing from China to Spain you have choices in shipping depending on the type of cargo and other factors. If you are choosing sea freight from China to Spain for your shipment, you need more information about this process. We will clarify in this article how ocean freight works from China to Spain.

China – Spain trade relations

The amount of bilateral trade between China and Spain has risen from USD 12 million at the start of diplomatic ties to more than USD 30.9 billion by 2017. China is now the biggest trading partner of Spain outside the EU, while Spain is China’s sixth-largest trading partner within the EU.

Why Ocean freight?

Ocean freight is not only practical for bulky items but also lighter cargo shipments can also be sent via ocean waves! In this process, goods are placed on board a ship into standard containers and shipped to the destination port with absolute safety.

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Safety aside, ocean freight from China to Spain is generally less costly than its counterpart, air freight. This shipping approach also leaves less of a carbon footprint and makes it much more environmentally friendly.

Shipping from China to Spain: Top ports

A vital component of import/export is to be familiar with the geographical details of the countries of origin and destination. You may want to identify the nearest ports to your warehouse of origin/destination, or any other storage solutions. That way, in the case of ocean freight, you will make the most practical decision.

With that in mind, China’s top ports are as follows: Shanghai, Nansha, Shenzhen, Changsha, Wuhu, Xiamen, Lianyungang and so on.

While the top 3 major ports in Spain are: Port of Algeciras (the largest port in Spain and the third-largest on the Mediterranean), Port of Valencia (Spain’s second-busiest port), and Port of Barcelona (the most visited cruise port in the Mediterranean).

Ocean freight from China to Spain

In this section, we will address how long the shipping from China to Spain actually takes. We’ll be discussing various destination ports in Space from specific Chinese ports of origin. Below is a selection of shipping routes linking Chinese and Spanish trade partners. Remember that the times mentioned here are port-to-port, so please consider extra time for door to door consignments.

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From the port of Shanghai to the port of Barcelona, the shipment duration is 30 Days. From the same port to the port of Valencia, it takes 29 days. Shipping from China to Spain at the origin port of Shenzhen to the destination of Barcelona takes 23 Days. Ocean freight from China to Spain at the port of Tianjin to the port of Barcelona requires 38 Days on the sea.

If you require more information about ocean freight from China to Spain, you can consult our support team. Ddpch also offers door to door freight services from China to Spain via sea freight.

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