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Top Seaports in Iran – Everything About Sea Cargo in the Region

Top Seaports in Iran – Everything About Sea Cargo in the Region

Importing from China to Iran is undeniably an in-demand business. However, it’s primarily through the top seaports in Iran that you can transfer goods and make the transaction happen.

According to Trading Economics, “Exports to Iran in China increased to 901993 USD THO in November from 594892 USD THO in October of 2019.” And the first transferring method in this relationship has been sea freight.

A Friendly Reminder

You need to know one thing about seaports in Iran. The term “Bandar” that you might see in the title of most Persian ports (as a prefix) is the equivalent of the English term “seaport.”

So, you’re better off without having both “Bandar” and “port” in the title of a Persian harbor. A phrase like “Bandar-e Anzali port,” for instance, is nonsense, and you have to use either ‘Banda’ or ‘port.’

5. Anzali

Located in northern parts of IR, Bandar-e Anzali is among the most famous seaport of the country. One of the main reasons why it’s a vital transportation point is that it connects IR to Russia.

Most of the trades between these two countries—along with other northern neighbors—are done through this gate.

4. Chabahar

It’s safe to say that most of the Iranian ports are in the southern regions. Bandar-e Chabahar, for instance, is one of them. It connects the country to the nearby (mainly Arab) nations in the Persian Gulf.

However, it’s also the main gate to reach out to Central Asian locations such as Afghanistan and, most noteworthy, China.

3. Emam Khomeyni

Connecting IR to Iraq, Turkey, and Eastern Europe, Bandar-e Emam Khomeyni (also spelled as Emam Khomeini) is the second-largest port in Iran regarding yearly transfers.

More than 30 million tons of goods are handled at this harbor each year.

2. Bandar Abbas

Bandar Abbas is the most known harbor in Persia. It’s located in a touristic city with the same name. However, people visit the town and the harbor as a recreational place thanks to its spectacular landscape.

Not only is Bandar Abbas a beautiful city, but it’s also a very central sea transportation point.

1. Shahid Rajaee

This one on the list is by far the leading seaport in Iran as it handles 55% of the entire sea cargo transactions of the country.

Shahid Rajaee is a sector of Bandar Abbas. But it became the 59th most active harbor in 2013—according to a study.

We Work with the Top Seaports in Iran

Our company, the DDPCH, has been working with all of these Bandars since the very beginning. So, if you want to know how you could ship cargo from China to ports in IR, contact us right away.

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