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Sending Packages from China to the UAE | Every Step Explained

Sending Packages from China to the UAE | Every Step Explained

Due to the economic expansions of China in recent years, sending packages from China to the UAE has become an in-demand service. However, most of the buyers who’re importing from China to their own countries don’t know how to send a package accurately.

So, DDPCH is here to lend a hand with that.

Watch Out for the New Regulations

China’s importation and exportation laws can change in time. So, as a professional seller or buyer, you must keep track of these principles and remain up-to-date. Otherwise, the cargo your sending will face legal issues and damage your reputation.

What Are the Main Steps of Sending Cargo – PRC to UAE

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Finding a Forwarder

Finding the best shipping agent in China should top your to-do list. That’s because a professional courier is the only one who can take care of the transportation procedures by the book.

Such a company knows how to manage your load according to the current codes of practice of the country.

2. Choosing the Right Method

There are different ways of sending packets to the UAE. An air freight, for instance, is one of the much-loved transportation techniques thanks to its quickness and safety. Some other methods are:

The courier you work with can lend a hand with determining the optimum carriage procedure based on your load. That’s because they can evaluate the volumetric weight of the boxes and estimate the fees in advance to pick the cheapest deal.

3. Spectating

At this point, you don’t have to do anything specific. The agent will take care of the necessary paperwork (if you ask them to) and will ready the load for the transportation.

A professional courier will also offer packaging, labeling, and warehousing services as well. So, if you don’t know how to prepare your package for shipping or where to restore it, ask your agent to lend a hand.

Sending Your packets Your Own

Can I send a load on my own? Absolutely yes. However, there are many downsides to doing so. Below you can find a list of the disadvantages of sending packages from China to the United Arab Emirates yourself.

  • If you’re a foreigner, there’ll be a communication gap. And this might lead to significant issues since language is a vital segment of international transportations.
  • Sending a box or two on your own requires lots of paperwork. So, it would help if you devoted time to deal with all the legal stuff.
  • Some third-party companies (e.g., insurance companies, etc.) have contracts with Chinese couriers. Such agreements allow them to offer significant discounts to the forwarders. So, the final fee that you’ll pay to the courier company will be less than what you spend on your own.
  • The safety and pace of a cargo transported on your own are uncertain.
  • You have to pay extra for packaging.
  • You may not be able to select between LCL and FCL methods.
  • It’s not rational to send cargo yourself while working as a member of Fulfilment by Amazon in China. That’s because it’ll cost a lot and you won’t be able to manage all the cargos with various routes.

Need more info on sending packages? Contact us right away and let our experts chip in. 

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