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Shipping from China to Bahrain ( Full guide 2020 )

Shipping from China to Bahrain ( Full guide 2020 )


Based on your goods, we have different choices as follows. In addition, our priority is based on your needs and requirements. So, with DDPCH don’t worry about your goods and the processes of shipping whether via air or ocean. We are here to help you. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us for delivering your products.

Shipping a pallet from China to Bahrain

If you have a large quantity of products to send, we can help you, because we have a simple platform for shipping large items. You do not need to be worry and feel free to contact us.

Shipping suitcase from China to Bahrain

If you want to reserve standard or express suitcase to Bahrain, DDPCH’s platform has made it easy.

We give you an urgent cost for your route. Do not forget to pack your suitcase in a cardboard box, otherwise, the courier may refuse the transmit. Also, cardboards protect your suitcase.

With DDPCH, you can ship your suitcase but you should wrap the box with plastic in order to provide more support.

Shipping a package from China to Bahrain

You can deliver your package to Bahrain with DDPCH. We give you immediate price for logistics services and you can deliver your package fast.

With DDPCH, you can get the best price and we offer the best provider to fulfill your needs.

Shipping from China to Bahrain

DDPCH has a logistics services forwarder that covers ocean trade lanes and air freight.

freight is available in all major airports. We manage all kinds of shipments from China to Bahrain.

Also, we provide logistics services such as courier express service warehousing and consolidation, distribution, dangerous cargo, customs clearance, road transportation, insurance, and trading services.

Air Freight from China to Bahrain

If you want the best freight forwarders on shipping from China to Bahrain, we can help you.

The airport we can manage in China is Shenzhen, Guangzhou, HongKong, Shanghai, Beijing, etc.

We can handle General Cargo, Special cargo, cargo with battery inside, etc. The cargo that will get a big discount is1CBM<167KG or 1CBM>300/500KG. The advantages of choosing DDPCH. So, by choosing us you can have the following benefits:

a. Experienced Local China Freight Agent

b. Focus on Air freight

c. Handling the shipment from Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Ningbo, Xiamen, Xi’an, Kunming, Yiwu, Qingdao, Dalian, Tianjin, and so on.

Our Freight Service Specification

1, Fix rate of air freight from China to Bahrain
2, Daily tracking report. 
3, Door to Door delivery service (DDU/DDP)
4, Consolidation

5, Customs clearance
6, Export license
7, Documentation: (C/O, FA, FM, Fumigation, ISF, AMS, EMS and so on)
8, Commodity inspection
9, Drop shipping.

10, insurance:

We need the below information for exact quotation: 

if you looking for best price for shipping from china to Bahrain check this list

Name of product, weight, and volume of your cargo; Loading port from China and Discharging port; Trade term, EXW or FOB; Cargo value if need to buy transportation insurance. 

Also, you should review the offers for delivery and choose one, and then pay the cost.

DDPCH shipping enables you to deliver both large and small quantities. We offer good costs for your shipping services from China to Bahrain. Besides, you can be sure of the quality of our services.

Send a parcel from China to Bahrain with Express service

As you know security is so important in shipping so your items are covered by insurance.

 The cost of delivery depends on the size and weight of the package, as well as on the distance between the cities.

by choosing our cheap courier, your goods will be delivered within 5 days. But by choosing express delivery, we send goods within just a few hours and your goods will reach the destination within 1-2 days.

Because of some regulations, there are some goods that can’t be delivered such as ammunition, weapons, acids, mercury, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, perishable goods or original works of art. Don’t forget to choose a suitable and stiff box

Fast shipping from China to Bahrain

Bahrain – Customs and Import duty tax calculation method

A tax which must be paid on imported, and sometimes exported… is 5% of the value in cost, insurance, and freight (CIF) except for alcoholic beverages
(125%) and cigarettes (100%).

There are no taxes in Bahrain on income, sales, transfer, capital. The net worth of a business, including assets, cash, properties… gains or estates, unless a company is involved in operations within the oil and gas sector. Moreover, there is currently no VAT system in Bahrain. The valuation method is CIF.

China and Bahrain ‘s relations date back to 30 years ago when diplomatic relations established. In 2017, the delegation conducted a visit to China and Hong Kong during which MoUs were signed with Chinese businesses and trade organizations.

These consisted of MOUs on Shenzhen-Bahrain Cross-Border E-commerce Cooperation, Shenzhen-Bahrain Innovation, and Entrepreneurship Express, and Huawei-Bahrain Telecom Talents Training Agreement.

Manama and Shenzhen became sister cities in 2016 and Bahrain EDB inaugurated in June 2018 its representative office for Southern China in the city, to facilitate more investments by Chinese companies in Bahrain.

Foreign investments in Bahrain have increased from $142 million to $810 million in 2018.

In addition, Bahrain has attracted some Chinese companies to invest in the country such as the ICT giant company Huawei and China International Marine Containers Company (CIMC).

The total goods traded between Bahrain and China increased from $872 million in 2009 to over $1.7 billion in 2017.

Bahrain – Prohibited and Restricted Imports

According to the Bahrain Customs Handbook, the following items cannot be imported into Bahrain:

  • All types of narcotic drugs (heroin, cocaine, hashish, pills having drugs effects etc.)
  • Used and reconditioned tires
  • Cultured pearls
  • Advertisement material for all types of cigarettes
  • Radio/ remote controlled model aircraft
  • Children’s toy guns capable of firing projectiles
  • Goods of Israeli origin or bearing Israeli trademarks or logos
  • Printed publications, photographs, pictures, books, magazines sculptures and mannequins which contradict Islamic teachings, decency, or immorality
  • Seditious or treasonable  material
  • Asbestos or items containing asbestos
  • Raw ivory, ivory articles, and rhinoceros horn
  • Live swine
  • Any other items, whose importation is prohibited under Kingdom of Bahrain customs laws, or any other laws of the country.

Moreover, the Bahraini Government requires that pharmaceutical products be imported directly from a manufacturer with a research department and that the products be licensed in at least two other GCC countries.

 Drugs and medicines may be imported only by a drug store or pharmacy licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce after approval by the Ministry of Health. 

All imported beef and poultry products need a health certificate issued by the country of origin, and a halal slaughter certificate issued by an approved Islamic center in that country if it meets halal standards. 

Halal food is that which adheres to the Islamic law of slaughtering animals or poultry.

In order to be informed of the prohibited items list, please visit Bahrain’s Customs website:

Which city from china has Air cargo service to Bahrain?

  • The cheapest flight from China to Bahrain is from Hong Kong to Manama, with airfares starting at AED 1750.78
  • The fastest flight from China to Bahrain is from Guangzhou to Manama, with an average flight time of 9h
  • The most popular city destinations in Bahrain are Manama, Zallaq, Sakhir

Air freight transit times from China to Bahrain:

To use airfreight service, you should know standard air freight between China and Bahrain.

Here you can find a list of transit time from different cities in China to different airports in Bahrain.

Transit TimeBahrainManamaSakhirMuharraq
Shanghai2 days1 day3 days4 days
Shenzhen3 days2 days2 days1 day
Guangzhou3 days3 day4 days2 days
Beijing4 days2 days1 day2 days
Ningbo5 days3 days2 days4 days
Air freight transit time

Air freight Cost from China to Bahrain (Shipping cost):

As you know sea freight cost is based on many factors such as weight and volumes, airline, time and insurance.

However, I have provided a list of the cost from different cities of China to Bahrain:

Shipping cost22 kg+100 kg+300 kg+500 kg+1000 kg+
Air Freight from Shanghai to Bahrain32.523.54
Air Freight from Guangzhou to Bahrain23.52.524
Air Freight from Beijing to Bahrain1.532.557
Air Freight from Ningbo to Bahrain42.51.536
Air Freight from Shenzhen to Bahrain23.5347

What is the best sea port in Bahrain for shipping from China?

You can book ocean freight shipping easily with DDPCH.

We can help you to have the best experience in sea shipping as we have various services from different ports in China to the ports of Bahrain.

Based on your cargo, volume, size and shape of your goods we offer different containers. So don’t hesitate to contact us so that we help you to choose the best containers suitable for your goods.

Here I have listed the ports of China and Bahrain.

Sea port
Mina Salman (BHMIN)
Sea port Da Chan Bay Terminal One (CNDCB)  Sea port Haikou (CNHAK)  Sea port Basuo (CNBAS)  
Sea port Sitra  Sea port Dalian (CNDLC)  Sea port Haimen (CNHMP)  Sea port Bayuquan (CNBAY)  
Sea port Beihai (CNBHY)  Sea port Fuzhou (CNFOC)  Sea port Huadu (CNHDU)  Sea port Beilun (CNBEI)  
Sea port Chiwan (CNCWN)  Sea port Guangzhou (CNCAN)  Sea port Anqing (CNAQG)  Sea port Changzhou (CNCZX)  

Sea freight transit times from China to Bahrain ( Ocean fright ):

Also, sea freight shipping has various cost depending on the distance, volume, weight and insurance.

Here, I have provided a list of the time so that you can decide better.

Transit Time
From/ toMina SalmanSitra  
Shanghai12 days13 day
Shenzhen13 days12 days
Guangzhou10 days17 day
Beijing14 days12 days
Ningbo15 days13 days

Sea Shipping Cost from China to Bahrain (Ocean fright rate)

From/ toMina SalmanSitra  
Shanghai800 USD750 USD
Shenzhen650 USD600 USD
Guangzhou700 USD670 USD
Beijing560 USD770 USD
Ningbo760 USD860 USD

Door to Door delivery service from china to Bahrain

In this service your product is picked up and delivered to the recipient’s door.

You can use an international courier (express freight ) that is more reliable and quicker than by mail, whether it’s DHL, UPS or TNT.

Since it’s about $5 per kilo, it is the cheapest shipping mode for packages or small shipments up to about 150 kg.

It should be mentioned that DDPCH offer Air, Road, Truck Door to Door (DDP) shipping service from any port in China to Bahrain, we can provide professional DDP service and the best solution from China to Bahrain for customers’ needs to ship goods to the inland city in Bahrain, such as
Governorate, Capital Governorate, Southern Governorate, Northern Governorate.

We have sea shipping freight and air shipping freight.

In Door to Door shipping service we do all shipping process and all steps such as:

  • Contacting your supplier in china
  • Picking up shipment from seller warehouse or offer
  • Preparing all documents for export from china
  • Booking space and loading to airplane or container
  • Customs clearance service at your country
  • Delivery to customer address at digestion country

Door to Door shipping cost and transit time from china to Bahrain

If you want to know the door to door shipping cost and transit time from china to Bahrain, please send your documents to DDPCH team and less than we calculate all shipping cost and give you final price and time.

  • Proforma invoice
  • Packing list
  • Seller address in china
  • Your shipping method ( air or sea )
  • HS code

However, here I have provided a list for you. Please take a look at this table;

From / To22kg+100kg+500kg+1000kg+Transit Time
DDP Air from Shenzhen to Bahrain121.30110-15 Days
DDP Air from Shanghai to Bahrain31.42.11.510-15 Days
DDP Air from Guangzhou to Bahrain1. Days
DDP Air from Beijing to Bahrain1.321210-15 Days
DDP Air from Hongkong to Bahrain32.52110-15 Days
All price is USD
How long does it take for packages to arrive from China To Bahrain?

Its depend to shipping method but for air freight transit time around 5 – 7 days | Ocean freight 15 – 25 days | Door to Door service around 10 days and express delivery service around 3 or 5 days

How much Air freight cost from china to Bahrain?

air freight cost depend to size and volume of goods but for estimate shipping cost around 3 – 5 usd per kg

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