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shipping from china to Jordan (full guide 2021) | Air,Sea,Express,DDP

shipping from china to Jordan (full guide 2021) | Air,Sea,Express,DDP

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China and Jordan business relationship

In 2013, the warm and supportive relationship between the People’s Republic of China and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan developed quicker. Commerce and cooperation in many fields extended to make new growth.

China and Jordan managed coordination in worldwide and regional businesses. China supported Jordan’s request for a nonpermanent place in the United Nations Security Council for the 2014-2015 term.

In 2013, China provided generous assistance to Jordan to help with the Syrian refugees in Jordan. in this article, we will point to more information between China and Jordan regarding shipping from China to Jordan by Sea, Air, Door-to-Door, LCL, FCL, and so on.


Managing shipping between China and Jordan via Sea, air, and road with freight forwarders has become a preference of several businessmen. DDPCH is a company that gives expert and perfect worldwide logistics service and also deals with a wide variety of freight forwarding services such as sea freight, air freight, air cargo, door to door service from China to Jordan. To reach your cargo shipping requirements regarding Jordan, we have created an extensive network that supports economic, affordable, and reliable shipping from China to Jordan. Our high-quality services from China to Jordan are Ocean freight and air freight. These services are restricted to import and ship from China to Jordan and extend to pick up documentation and paperwork, packaging of shipments, loading the cargo, unloading the cargo, customs clearance in China and Jordan, warehousing, consolidating shipments.

DDPCH covers all the essential ports of China, covering from Shenzhen, Tianjin, Dalian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Xiamen, Hangzhou to Ningbo, and more. Our lengthy list of happy customer’s benefits from this agreement as it dramatically assists in promoting the import process from China to Jordan by sea or freight. We efficiently control all the transportation processes of shipping from China to Jordan by sea or air to guarantee that our clients’ full import is streamlined. Right from the pickup of goods to packaging in China, to register details to documentation and paperwork and customs clearance to loading and to unload your cargo to Jordan, we are a one-stop service to expedite all the import of items freight from China to Jordan.

Whenever you aim to deliver your items shipping from China to Jordan, DDPCH is here to present you with the best, affordable, effective, and reliable services so that you would not have to trade with any difficulty while delivering your cargo in Jordan. DDPCH keeps you updated about all the terms and regulations in China to ensure a quick and transparent service.

Air Freight Cargo from China to Jordan

 Airfreight represents an essential role in the completion of sales and the demand for speed when a customer needs air freight or air cargo as their favored mode of transportation. We also know that security, loyalty, friendliness, and timely delivery are basic customer requirements for air freight from China to Jordan. We are operating with all major airlines to present you with reliable and cost-efficient air freight options from china to Jordan. DDPCH can give you useful property service at the most competing air freight rates for your air cargo from China to Jordan.

We can bring your load from any location your suppliers place in China to any international airport in the world and Jordan, even to your warehouse, in a couple of days, often in 5 days. Airfreight is the quickest mode of shipping, and it is preferred to Sea freight in many forms. First of all, you can receive your shipment delivered by air in a shorter delivery time. At the same time, it takes 15 days, even over a month, for Sea freight from port to port.

Airfreight can be a viable option for great value, high weight and low volume shipment, such as Product samples, Electronics, Wristwatches, Jewelry, Plastic goods. Airfreight is only cost-efficient up to a certain point, and not all high-value and high-density goods are viable to load on an Airbus from China to Jordan.

Choose a medicine mold example. It’s a large piece of hard metal deserving tens of thousands of dollars. It indeed passes as high value and high density, but one unit’s shipping cost is vast.

Our air freight specialists work around the clock to ensure your air loads reach destinations in Jordan with the quickest transit time, optimal routings, and maximum cost-efficiency.

When it comes to air freight transportation from China to Jordan,DDPCH always has the right solution for you, and we are pleased to be your appointed forwarder for airfreight from China to Jordan.

Service from China to Jordan includes 

  • Air Charter- shipping from China to Jordan
  • Intermodal-shipping from China to Jordan
  • Time Definite Products- shipping from China to Jordan
  • Consolidation- shipping from China to Jordan
  • Hazardous cargo shipments-shipping from China to Jordan
  • Door to door, the airport to airport services-shipping from China to Jordan

DOOR-TO-DOOR SERVICE from China to Jordan

DDPCH offers as part of its wide variety of services a Door-to-Door Delivery service from China to Jordan – a deeply personalized freight forwarding resolution.

Our door-to-door service is clear from its name. We take care of your shipment at the origin in China and deliver it to the requested final destination in Jordan Door-to-Door service available for any size consignment that needs delivery between any destinations in the world.

Door-to-Door service includes all freight forwarding requirements from China to Jordan. Taking care of the Shipment at point of origin in China; making and processing all necessary documents in China; professionally packaging the shipment for reliable and protected shipping from China to Jordan and transferring the load to the port or airport departure in China point and overseeing the loading method; managing unloading at destination port/airport in Jordan and handling the documents and determining items to guarantee prompt customs clearance; planning forward delivery to the shipments final destination in Jordan.

Our trained and robust team of freight forwarders and export agents will manage the entire door-to-door service method from start to finish assuring our customers are delighted with this beneficial service. It is a resolution that exactly meets current shipping needs – worry-free, convenient, reliable, and secure delivery, professionally executed from China to Jordan with door-to-door service.

DDPCH is proud of offering a pleasant and private service – no shipment is too small. In particular, we have developed a loyal customer base of small and medium-sized businesses. We have constructed special rates designed to help them operate effectively for the door-to-door service from China to Jordan.

Airports in Jordan
LocationIATAAirport Name
AmmanAMMQueen Alia International Airport
AmmanADJAmman Civil Airport
AqabaAQJKing Hussein International Airport
Assab H-4 Air Base
Azraq Muwaffaq Salti Air Base
Dafyanah Prince Hassan Air Base
MafraqOMFKing Hussein Air Base

advantages of air freight from China to Jordan

There are different transportation methods from China to Jordan, and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Airfreight is frequently used for high-value and low-volume cargoes, as your strength previously know. But what are the other (standard) reasons for applying air transportation?

  • The quickest shipping process from China to Jordan

When your shipments require to be moved immediately, air freight is the best resolution than sea transportation or road transportation; never doubt about this service.

  • Highly reliable arrival and departure times from China to Jordan

The entry and flight times of flights are highly stable, as airlines manage to be very on top of their plans. Even dropping a flight wouldn’t make many stops as there usually are flights leaving every hour to Jordan from China

  • Send your cargo almost anywhere from China to Jordan

Most airlines have an extensive network of destinations that includes the entire world. It means that you can ship to nearly every destination, like Jordan.

  • A low insurance premium means considerable savings for shipping from China to Jordan.

As the shipping time for air cargo is relatively quick, the insurance incentive is lower. Even if air freight can be costly, this causes savings in times of lower insurance prices.

  • High level of protection and decreased risk of theft and damage for shipping from China to Jordan

Transportation by air offers the benefit of a high level of safety, as the airport security restraints over cargo are tightly controlled. The tightly controlled airport handles also reduce cargo exposure to theft and damage of the shipment.

  • Less demand for warehousing and several items in stock

With the faster transit times of air transportation, you have a smaller need for regional warehousing and do not want to keep stock items. Customs clearance, cargo examination, and cargo handlers are more effective, as most cargo is cleared within a matter of hours in Jordan.

  • Less packaging required for shipping from China to Jordan

Typically, air freight demand less significant packing than, for example, ocean freight. It means that you keep both time and money to give service for additional packing of shipment.

  • Follow the status of your cargo from China to Jordan.

Many companies allow you to track your shipments making a web application, which means you can monitor your cargo’s status from departure to arrival to keep regularly updated.

As we have already discussed, air freight’s activity is unique to any other way of shipping. Besides, the air is the type of cargo able to cover long distances in short periods. Airfreight is an ideal option when your customer needs to transport a product with particular necessity or when their load requires specific protection or acclimation conditions.

Some more advantages of air transportation are:

  • The low danger of accidents and stops for shipping from China to Jordan
  • The nearness between production centers and airports for shipping from China to Jordan
  • Agile and intercontinental transportation for shipping from China to Jordan
  • High level of security and cargo preservation for shipping from China to Jordan
  • Usually does not require breaks to fuel in the middle of the route for shipping from China to Jordan

Disadvantages of Air Freight from China to Jordan

Notwithstanding all of these advantages, air freight also has some limitations compared to other types of transport. The one that most discourages people from taking this modal to move their shipment is the cost. Suppose you are carrying your customers’ freight by aircraft. They should be provided to deal with high investment. It happens because of air freight costs, which are relatively higher than sea or rail freight, for instance. Due to the aircraft’s restricted size, this modal is also not suitable for some logistics demands, particularly when it comes to project cargo transactions that require a larger carrying capacity to accommodate the load best.

Some disadvantages of air freight from China to Jordan are:

  • High Costs for shipping from China to Jordan
  • Limited Carrying Capacity for air freight from China to Jordan
  • Unfit for specific products for air cargo from China to Jordan
  • Dependable on weather conditions for shipments from China to Jordan

Being aware of air freight’s main benefits & problems from China to Jordan, you are treated to explain each of your consumers’ logistics interests and guide them on whether air freight is perfect for transporting their shipments.

To make the freight process more comfortable, count on DDPCH that will give you full care against serving your clients’ cargo overseas, leading it with advantage, security, and performance. At DDPCH, we have all the support and expertise for your shipments from China to Jordan.

Transit Time from china to Jordan

Numerous clients will ask the subject how long does transportation from china To Jordan takes? Transportation time from China to Jordan depends on which transportation method is chosen. Usually, Air Mail Shipping will take 7- 12 working days, express shipping will take 3- 7 working days. So Transit time from China to Jordan is up to the services which is chosen by client.

Express shipping from China To Jordan

Another service of transportation from China to Jordan can be express one which is safe and fast. Below chart shows you the methods of Express shipping from China to Jordan:

shipping from china to Jordan (full guide 2021) | Air,Sea,Express,DDP
shipping from china to Jordan (full guide 2021) | Air,Sea,Express,DDP

Sea Freight from China to Jordan

Cost-effectiveness of shipping by sea from China to Jordan

Any load is equally significant and essential. Our business suggests the most suitable way of transport for each consumer depending on individual requests for shipping from China to Jordan.

DDPCH offers consolidated freight and full container shipping from/to most countries, like China to Jordan.

Our aim is always to carry loads to Jordan on a reasonable basis.

For freight loading, shipping, delivery services, and individual records processing, we have rigorously selected reliable service partners worldwide and in China and Jordan.

Sea freight services from China to Jordan include:

  • Consolidated and full cargos (LCL & FCL)-sea freight China to Jordan
  • Door-to-door cargo Delivery-Ocean freight from China to Jordan
  • Customs documentation and freight services in the country of origin and recipient country- sea freight to Jordan from China
  • Contracts with shipping lines = competitive prices for our customers-shipping from China to Jordan.

Ocean Freight from China to Jordan

Jordan has an upper-middle-income market. The 2014 Human Development Report ranks Jordan as a country of high human improvement. Jordan is a part of the Euro-Mediterranean free trade area and has excellent status with the European Union. If you are an exporter, sea freight to Jordan could be critical to your market from China to Jordan.

Jordan’s manufacturing sector, which involves mining, manufacturing, construction, and power, is well-developed. It was the first Arab country to build a free-trade deal with the US, and its market has grown at an ordinary rate of 4.3 percent per annum since 2005. Jordan’s leading imports include oil products and pharmaceuticals.

Jordan is thought the safest country in the Middle East and the safest Arab country overall. In 2000, Jordan entered the World Trade Organization. It is also an establishing member of the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). A primary gateway to the Middle East is opened through ocean freight to Jordan.

FCL or LCL term for your ocean freight from China to Jordan

Your transportation options are either LCL Term (a less-than-container load or groupage) or FCL term (a full container load) when transporting cargo from China to Jordan by sea.

Which kind of container shipping you need will be primarily determined by your freight volume. If your cargo is at least six standard pallets- a little over half of a 20-foot shipping container- when a full container load (FCL) is shown20 ft containers can ship ten standard pallets, while40 ft containers can ship 22 standard pallets from China to Jordan by the sea.

It’s smart to hold a full container load or FCL term for the shipments with less than six pallets if you are worried about avoiding any risk of injury to your shipment that could be posed by contact with others’ commodities.

If separating your shipment is not a concern, you may want to choose LCL term, also known as groupage. Groupage is a term for assigning a container, a cost-effective option that requires you to pay only for the shipping space you use. Please contact DDPCH for more details as well as rates.

Ocean freight ports in Jordan for shipping by sea from China

Port of Aqaba in Jordan

Found just nine miles from the edge with southern Israel, the Port of Aqaba is Jordan’s only port. The Aqaba Ports Corporation operates this port, located in southeastern Jordan at the Gulf of Aqaba’s head off the Red Sea. Its vessel terminal features specialized international administration and is provided with modern appliances. It extends high-quality assistance around the clock and is safe. The port highlights specialized berths equipped with machinery and equipment to handle all cargo types, including bulk and liquid.

Our ocean freight services to Jordan from China

DDPCH provides low-cost and quick ocean freight services from the world and China to Jordan from many various ports in the world, including those in:

  • USA To Jordan
  • Spain To Jordan
  • Netherlands To Jordan
  • Germany To Jordan
  • Belgium To Jordan
  • Mexico To Jordan
  • Dominican Republic To Jordan
  • China To Jordan
  • Taiwan To Jordan
  • UAE To Jordan

Incoterms for shipping from China to Jordan

An Incoterm is a three-letter digest, like FOB or CIF. Incoterms define when the freight is transported from the buyer in Jordan to the seller in China. Incoterms are a mainstay of the worldwide logistics operation, and without prior knowledge of them, you may end giving a lot more for your cargoes than you have to.

In this full guide, you will get what Incoterms are and which code you should select when importing products from China to Jordan.

Besides, you will also get which Incoterms to avoid and how the ‘wrong incoterm’ can require you a chance.

The three letters incoterm code defines the supplier in China shall ship the cargo to Jordan. How much of the freight you give the supplier to handle from China to Jordan. Based on the incoterm you decide, you can let the supplier take the shipping of products to a nearby port in China.

A price demanded by a Chinese supplier is regularly based on an incoterm.

For natural reasons, a quote based on the incoterm EXW will be a lot lower than a quote based on CIF because the term (EXW) holds no shipping whatsoever, not even from the supplier’s factory location. Simultaneously, the  (CIF) term covers shipping to the port of destination in your country.

That transportation costs money, and this certainly makes a variation in the price ticket. However, in the end, you’ll require to have your products shipped from China to Jordan.

Just avoid making the great mistake of thinking that EXW is automatically more affordable than FOB or CIF terms. It’s an opportunity to see into the second element of an incoterm, the area.

It could be in Shanghai or Jordan, depending on where you want the cargo transfer to be made. Keep in mind that it’s up to you to command shipping from China to Jordan.

I recommend inexperienced importers to select an incoterm that takes the cargo as far as possible. This term excludes EXW and FOB since the shipment doesn’t transmit to China. It’s always simpler to handle the shipping if it’s done with people in your own country.

EXW Term for shipping from China to Jordan

EXW term price is the company price for the goods with no transportation is included. The buyer in Jordan must arrange transport from the factory floor in China to Jordan’s final destination.

  • Export custom clearance from China to Jordan: No
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Inland transport for shipping from china to Jordan: No

FOB (Free on Board) term for shipping from China to Jordan

The shipper in China gives the load to the Port of Loading (Port of Loading) in China and needs the exportation clearance. The following is of high quality since the Chinese Customs Authorities can hold baggage that has not been well cleared for export to Jordan From China.

  • Export clearance from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from china to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from china to Jordan: No
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: No
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: No

CIF (Cost Insurance Freight) for shipping from China to Jordan

The supplier in China provides delivery to the Port of Destination in the importer’s country as Jordan. But, Cost Insurance Freight does not cover unloading, LCL charges, CSIF, or other charges added by the Jordan Agent in the Port of Destination in Jordan.

The supplier in China is liable for delivery from the warehouse floor in China to a designated inland or gate terminal in the buyer’s country in Jordan. DAT covers all prices combined in the Port of Destination in Jordan and inland transport to your most next port. Unlike Delivered at Place (DAP), DAT does not cover inland transportation to a defined address such as your house or warehouse.

  • Export clearance for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: No
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: No

DAT (Delivered at Terminal) term for shipping from China to Jordan

  • Export clearance for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes (To port/terminal only)

DAP (Delivered at Place) term for shipping from China to Jordan

The supplier in China is liable for delivery from the factory floor in China to a specified address in Jordan, and unlike DAT, where the freight is delivered to the freight warehouse in Jordan within the DDPCH forwarder supply chain network, delivered at Place (DAP) covers inland transportation to a designated address such as your home or warehouse

  • Export clearance for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Transport to Port of Loading in China for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Sea Freight charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Port of discharge charges for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes
  • Inland transport for shipping from China to Jordan: Yes (To your location)

FCL (Full Container Load) shipping from China to Jordan

FCL is a universal ISO standard relating to one (full) container load (20″ or 40″) containing cargo for one consignee in Jordan. FCL transportation is the most economical mode of transport when importing from China to Jordan.

However, it needs the importer in Jordan to buy a comparatively large quantity of products to be a viable transportation option.

Advantages of FCL from China to Jordan

1. More economical price per cubic measure than a similar size or weight of cargo transport by Airfreight or LCL Sea Freight.

2. More available to optimize your supply and shipping packaging to maximize the range usage inside a 20″ or 40″ container.

3. More extraordinary security level and lower risk for injuries due to less handling (Loading, Temporary Storage, Unloading) of your cargo.

Disadvantages of FCL from China to Jordan

1. It is not cost-effective, saving your cargo volume 15 – 20 cubic meters (Equals 50 – 70% of a 20″ container).

LCL (Less than Container Load) Term for shipping from China to Jordan

LCL is a global ISO standard relating to cargo owned by various consignees in the Jordan group and other traders’ shipments.LCL shipping allows importers in Jordan to ship smaller amounts of cargo from China that’s not large sufficient to make FCL a viable choice. At the same time, it’s usually more cost-effective than Airfreight.

Advantages of LCL shipping from China to Jordan

1. Allows an affordable central way for freight too large for Air Freight but inadequate in size or weight to make an FCL cargo a non-viable option.

2. More available for Freight Inspections & lower packaging supply costs in case a repacking is required.

Disadvantages of LCL shipping from China to Jordan

1. Higher cost per cubic meter compared to FCL freight

2. Often a non-viable transportation option for freight volumes above 15 cbm (cubic meters) due to more significant loading, unloading, treatment & freight charges per cubic meter in Compare of FCL from China to Jordan

Why is LCL shipping more dangerous than FCL and requires better export packing from China to Jordan?

It should be evident to the suppliers in China that cargo value worth thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars, need assurance during the long shipping from the factory floor in China to the importer’s warehouse in Jordan.

However, many suppliers in China and other low-cost countries tend to neglect this and provide the buyer with low-quality export packing that can damage the cargo.

Suppose you are shipping LCL from China to Jordan, your cargo shares container area with freight from different buyers. Sometimes as many as five or six foreign importers from China to Jordan.

You have no handle over the quality of the freight which is loaded into the same container. LCL freight must be treated to resist liquids, heavyweight, chemical fumes, and sharp objects.

Prohibited items to Jordan from China

as all the customs rules worldwide, Jordan has regulations that any exporters and importers in China and Jordan should be aware of them. Here we have provided a list of them for your perusal to ship from China to Jordan by sea freight and air freight.

prohibted item from China to Jordan
Acids itemsIce, Dry shipments
Batteries, Haz shipmentsIce, Wet items
Bearer Documents itemsInfectious Substances cargos
Bio Products, Haz shipmentsSynthetic Marijuana (K2) goods
Chemicals, Haz shipmentsLiquids, Hazb items
Communications equipmentLiquor, Haz
Corrosives goodsLiquor, Haz and Non-Haz items
Cosmetics, Haz itemsMagnetized Materials shipments
Drugs, Non-Prescription itemMedical/dental supplies & equipment shipments
Flammables itemsOxidizers shipments
Gases itemsPaints, Haz goods
Herbal Products shipmentPerfume, Haz cargoes
Herbal Tea itemsPhones/modems goods
Telecommunications equipment shipmentsPoisons (Toxics) shipments
Textile articles goodsRadar equipment shipments
Toiletries, Haz shipmentsRadio equipment shipments
Seeds shipmentsRadioactives
Spice goods 

Custom Clearance in Jordan for shipments imported from China 

The records required for importing a product into Jordan are: 

  • B.L. or a bill of lading for imports coming in through the port of Aqaba in Jordan from China.
  • An air waybill paper for goods imported by air or a transporter’s certificate for goods having transited by land from China to Jordan.
  • A declaration form of Arab transit for shipments having transited Arab countries that are not neighbors of Jordan.
  • An invoice paper shows the number, nature, and quantities of the shipments, their weight, value, and the customer and seller’s names in China and Jordan.
  • C.O. (a certificate of origin for the shipments from China to Jordan
  • A declaration paper of value for shipment if the value is over 2 000 JD.
  • An exit permits for shipment warehoused in free zones.

It should also be considered that Jordan uses the arrangement of the single administrative document (SAD) for import declarations from China. it means that the importer or the licensed seller in China directly submits the declaration through the Asycuda system in Jordan. The system confirms the entry, provides a booking number that also indicates if the entry is fine to pass(no inspection), orange (inspection of the documents), or red (inspection of the documents and the goods). A paper copy of the declaration is given to Customs accompanied by the supporting documents if required. All Jordanian and foreign trading companies must either get an importer’s card from the Ministry of Industry and Trade for customs clearance purposes or pay a Customs fee similar to five percent of the imported goods’ value. For non-trading items such as banks, hospitals, and hotels, the Ministry declares a specific limited card that supports the import of goods special to that entity’s purpose.

REGULATIONS AND CUSTOMS IN JORDAN for imported shipments from China

Non-Tariff Restrictions

The Jordanian business system is in full liberalization. An import permit is normally not required, just an exchange license is. However, it is collected automatically and enables you to pay for the documents’ performance or open a documentary credit.

There are quantitative restrictions on importing certain manufactured goods from China to Jordan, and it is prohibited to import tomatoes, fresh milk, mineral water, table salt, and plastic waste. Some specific products are kept for the State’s interest, such as sugar, wheat, flour, rice, powdered milk, cigarillos, frozen chicken, lentils, and olive oil.

A license for importing fruits, vegetables, certain chemicals, medicines, some foodstuffs, and telecommunications devices is required. Some goods also require a permit from several public organizations.


For any shipments that you want to transport from China to Jordan through different services of door to door, Sea freight, Air freight, LCL,FCL, air port to air port, express services, you can trust on DDPCH to provide you the best choice.

Keep in touch with our sales team to help you.

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