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Shipping from China to Kuwait Air, Sea,Door to Door (Full Guide 2021)

Shipping from China to Kuwait Air, Sea,Door to Door (Full Guide 2021)

Shipping is what DDPCH has rich experiences in it as it can deal with any kinds of shipping goods from China to Kuwait under our professional logistics service. Also, we provide competitive shipping rates and the best logistics solution. In China, we can provide shipping service from any city to Kuwait. DDPCH is an expert in the sea and air freight, express, and door to door from China to Kuwait. Your shipping goods are safe with us.

In 2014, Kuwait, a country in Western Asia, had a population of 4.1 million. Kuwaiti dinar has the highest value in the world. Also, it is the world’s sixth-largest oil reserves and has a high-income economy with no individual income tax.

Kuwait is the Arab world’s largest foreign investor, with $8.4 billion in FDI outflows in 2013 and well-developed banking system. The most of its imports come from the United States. Also, the country implemented its first free-trade zone in 1999.

warehousing service in china

DDPCH warehouse logistics facilities ensure the best possible storage and management of your goods in china.

You determine your shipment requirements– i.e., the time, volume, sequence, and packaging for your goods, which are required for the onward transport operations.

If you need a warehouse in the main china cost, please provide us this document.
after that, we can tell you the final warehousing cost

a) packing list and invoice

b) Acceptable cargo: General cargo, brand mobile phone accessories, electronic products, batteries, mobile power, brand shoes, clothing bags, auto parts, cosmetics, watches, glasses

Shipping agent from china to Kuwait

DDPCH Logistics has very good track records on delivering goods safely and timely.

Also, our experienced team can handle all facets of cargo logistics/forwarding operations that can be shipped from China to Kuwait via sea or air.

Contact us with your cargo details.

Express courier service Estimated Delivery Time from China to Kuwait

express shipping cost from china to Kuwait depends on that which courier express company you chose.

here we have a list of all top express company that has service from china to Kuwait

DHL8-15 working days
TNT8-15 working days
ARAMEX10-15 working days
UPS10-15 working days
CHINA POST20-30 working days
Hong Kong post10-15 working days

International Logistics Services from China to Kuwait

When you find some services for delivering shipping from China to Kuwait, you will be provided with many choices. DDPCH offers professional logistics services like air freight, ocean freight, door to door shipping service, and express service and manages freight forwarding services.

Shipping from China to Kuwait is complicated, so most people like to advise a professional forwarding agent who can guide them about the process. Because of our experience in the shipping industry, we are one of China’s leading freight service providers. Also, we fulfill the needs of our customers in the best way.

Our company provides a convenient shipping process from China to t Kuwait, and we work hard to serve our customers honestly and effectively so that they can enjoy the best shipping service. Besides, we offer different deals that suit their needs.

We have a strong relationship with international cargo carriers so that our customers can enjoy the most affordable rates for shipping from China. Also, we deal with the custom clearance, documentation,, and door to door services.

International Shipping Delivery service to Kuwait

DDPCH offers an efficient freight service to all international destination ports with many Airlines daily and Shipping lines departing every week. We can ensure your cargo are loaded soon after pick up/delivery.

Smaller items can be more economical to send by Air freight, however, for many larger shipments we can also provide Ocean Freight Services including 20ft or 40ft steel containers. Also, our services depend on your needs. We can provide a container for you to pack and load on-site. This packing service includes packing, palletising and shrink-wrapping.

Shipping to Kuwait

We have 20ft or 40ft sole-use container services to various ports in Kuwait and you just pay  for the sole use of the container for your vehicle only. These ports are also supported by ferry services. Moreover, vehicles are protected from the elements in enclosed decks, and are secured by straps and chocks. This service is once or twice a month.

Here is the list of some of our well-known services;

Ocean freight shipping to Kuwait

You always have to plan your shipment, especially when you have a large load (over 1000 kg), or the size of the goods occupy more than 2cubic meters from china to Kuwait.

As usual, sea shipping is the best choice for transporting a large shipment. However, it is additionally the most complicated method of transportation, and it takes a long time. From China to Kuwait, sea shipping transit time is estimated at around 20 to 35 days from port to port, and 30 to 55 days from door to door delivery.

In China, there are several ports such as Shanghai port, Ningbo port, Shenzhen port, Tianjin port, Qingdao port, Xiamen port, plus Hong Kong port, from which your shipping can leave to Kuwait.

FCL or LCL for ocean freight

When you want to send goods to Kuwait, you have two options: FCL (a full container load) or LCL (groupage), a shared container.

Twenty-foot containers accommodate eight standard pallets.
If your goods are equal to at least half of a 20-foot container, then a full container load (FCL) will be essential, and if your goods need to be isolated from other items of exporters to avoid any damage, FCL is also the best choice.

Also, if you do not want to separate your items from others, you can choose LCL. In this way, you can share a container and pay only for the space you need. Consult DDPCH for important information, including rates.

Ocean freight ports in Kuwait

Port of Shuwaikh

Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait’s main trade port; it can receive vessels of up to 32 feet at high tide, and boats of drafts of up to 25 feet at any tide.

Also, the port has 21 berths, three of them have a depth of 22 feet (berths 15,16 and 17), and four of them have a depth of 28 feet (berths number 18 to 21), and 14 have a depth of nearly 33 feet (berths number 1 to 14). The total berth length overall exceeds 13,000 feet.

Port of Shuaiba

The port of Shuaiba is about 29 miles located in the southeast of Kuwait City, on the northeastern shores of the Persian Gulf in southeastern Kuwait.

It has an oil refinery, a petrochemical plant, a seafood-packing plant, the country’s second most important commercial port, and was created to support Kuwait City’s industries.

It also contains dry cargo berths, a chemical tanker berth, and a small craft and barge harbor. Besides, the port has twenty berths totaling over 13,000 feet for containers and commercial traffic.

It is the primary terminus for the industrial carriages as it contains four berths and several load/unload stations

Our ocean freight services to Kuwait

DDPCH company provides efficient and cheap ocean freight services to Kuwait from a many different ports in the world. These include ports in:

  • USA
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Mexico
  • Dominican Republic
  • China
  • Taiwan
  • UAE

How Long Will It Take shipping service for a Cargo from China to Kuwait?

If you choose air freight, service just takes less than 24 hours to transport goods via aircraft from China to Kuwait, but the estimated time for sea shipments is 30 to 40 days.

Prohibited and Restricted Items when Sending goods to Kuwait

We can not ship prohibited and non-approved restricted items. Here you can check these items: 

Kuwait Import Prohibitions

  • Any media displaying the female anatomy
  • Communications equipment
  • Compact discs
  • Computer components & parts
  • Computer software
  • Cosmetics
  • Drugs, Prescription and Non-Prescription
  • Electronic Cigarettes
  • Films: entertainment
  • Films: promotional, training
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Gold (18k or Below)
  • Israeli Goods
  • Items offensive to Kuwait Royal family, Kuwait politics, habits or traditions
  • Items offensive to Muslim culture
  • Laser disc
  • Liquor
  • Lithium Batteries
  • Medical samples
  • Medical/dental supplies & equipment
  • Phones/modems
  • Plants and Plant Products
  • Poisons (Toxics)
  • Pornographic (Media)
  • Radar equipment
  • Radio equipment
  • Radios or parts thereof
  • Tapes, audio cassettes
  • Computer
  • Video cassettes
  • Telecommunications equipment
  • Televisions, television equipment

Kuwait Import Restrictions

  • Jewelry (gold, precious metal, stones and silver or articles of apparel or clothing containing these metals or stones) will require Ministry of Commerce gold department approval regardless of the value

Air freight transit times from China to Kuwait

You can check the following table of standard air freight between China and Kuwait.

Transit TimeKuwait International AirportAhmad al-Jaber Air BaseAli Al Salem Air BaseUdairi Army Airfield
Shanghai3 days2 days3 days4 days
Shenzhen1 day3 days4 days2 days
Guangzhou2 days1 day1 day4 days
Beijing3 days4 days3 days3 days
HongKong3 days4 days3 days3 days
Ningbo4 days2 days2 days2 days
shipping transit time from china to Kuwait

Air freight Cost from China to Kuwait (Shipping cost):

Notice that Air freight cost is according to many items such as weight and volumes, airline, time and insurance. The following table depicts the cost from different cities of China to Kuwait:

Transit time22 kg+100 kg+300 kg+500 kg+1000 kg+
Air Freight from Shanghai to Kuwait432.5261
Air Freight from Guangzhou to Kuwait65432
Air Freight from Beijing to Kuwait543251
Air Freight from Ningbo to Kuwait432.521
Air Freight from Shenzhen to Kuwait65432

What is the best sea port in Kuwait for shipping from China?

You can book sea freight shipping with us and have the best experience in sea shipping with DDPCH because we have many services from various ports in China to the ports of Kuwait. Based on the volume, size and shape of your goods we offer different containers.

The ports of Kuwait:

  • Doha
  • Khor al Muffatta
  • Kuwait
  • Mena Al Ahmadi
  • Mina Al Ahmadi
  • Shuaiba
  • Shuwaikh

Ocean freight transit times from China to Kuwait:

Besides, ocean freight shipping also has different prices based on the distance, volume, weight and insurance. Here I have listed the time and cost so that you can decide better.

From / ToDohaKhor al MuffattaKuwaitMena Al AhmadiMina Al Ahmadi  ShuwaikhShuaiba
Shanghai35  Days30 Days35  Days25 Days30 Days35  Days25 Days
Shenzhen30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days
Ningbo25 Days35  Days30 Days25 Days35  Days30 Days25 Days
Guangzhou30 Days35  Days30 Days35  Days35  Days30 Days35  Days
Hong Kong30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days30 Days25 Days30 Days
Qingdao25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days
Tianjin25 Days35  Days30 Days35  Days35  Days30 Days35  Days
Xiamen30 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days
Dalian35  Days30 Days35  Days30 Days30 Days35  Days30 Days
Dongguan25 Days30 Days35  Days30 Days30 Days35  Days30 Days
Nanjing35  Days30 Days25 Days25 Days30 Days25 Days25 Days
Ocean freight from china to Kuwait

Sea Shipping Cost from China to Kuwait (Ocean freight rate)

From / ToDohaKhor al MuffattaKuwaitMena Al AhmadiMina Al Ahmadi  ShuwaikhShuaiba
Shanghai650 USD750 USD650 USD750 USD650 USD750 USD650 USD
Shenzhen550 USD600 USD550 USD600 USD550 USD600 USD550 USD
Ningbo700 USD800 USD700 USD800 USD700 USD800 USD700 USD
Guangzhou643 USD770 USD643 USD770 USD643 USD770 USD643 USD
Hong Kong667 USD670 USD667 USD670 USD667 USD670 USD667 USD
Qingdao650 USD750 USD650 USD750 USD650 USD750 USD650 USD
Tianjin550 USD600 USD550 USD600 USD550 USD600 USD550 USD
Xiamen700 USD800 USD700 USD800 USD700 USD800 USD700 USD
Dalian643 USD770 USD643 USD770 USD643 USD770 USD643 USD
Dongguan667 USD670 USD667 USD670 USD667 USD670 USD667 USD
Nanjing650 USD750 USD650 USD750 USD650 USD750 USD650 USD
Sea shipping cost from china to Kuwait

Door to Door shipping cost and transit time from China to Kuwait

If you want to know about the door to door shipping cost and transit time from china to Kuwait, please send your documents to DDPCH and we calculate shipping price and give you the final price and time.

  • Proforma invoice
  • Packing list
  • Seller address in china
  • Your shipping method ( air or sea )
  • HS code
From / To22kg+100kg+500kg+1000kg+Transit Time
DDP Air from Shenzhen to Kuwait1.62.53.30410-15 Days
DDP Air from Shanghai to Kuwait1. Days
DDP Air from Guangzhou to Kuwait2.42.42.5410-15 Days
DDP Air from Beijing to Kuwait1.53.423.510-15 Days
DDP Air from Hongkong to Kuwait1.3214.510-15 Days
Door to Door shipping from china to kuwait ( DDP )
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