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Shipping from China to Philippines (Full Service & Rate Guide 2020

Shipping from China to Philippines (Full Service & Rate Guide 2020

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If you are interested in importing goods from China to Philippines properly you are looking for shipping service from China to Philippines; from China to Philippines, we have different shipping way like air freight, ocean freight (LCL, FCL), Express shipping, Door to Door (DDP) shipping service.

Philippines borders China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Palau, and Vietnam by sea so Philippines have long relationship with china .

The Philippines is officially known as The Republic of the Philippines.

It is an archipelago, consisting of about 7,641 islands, sprawling over approximately 300,000 square kilometers.

These are divided into three major island groups, namely Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.
The Philippines has a population of about 100 million.

Every day a lot of people in business from the Philippines traveling to china to buy and import products from China to the Philippines.

If you are looking for a reference to find the best information about shipping from China to the Philippines, here is the best place for you.

In this article, we offer full information about air freight, ocean freight, door to door and express shipping service from china to Philippines

Customs clearance in Philippines

if you want to import any product from China to the Philippines first, you must have a good understanding of customs clearance regulation

As a general rule, importations into the Philippines are subject to customs duties and taxes unless there is a specific legal basis for exemption from duties and taxes.

The import of goods donated from abroad is only exempt from duties and taxes under certain circumstances.

These guidelines explain those circumstances and the procedures which must be followed to avail of function and/or tax exemptions.

They are meant as a guide for senders and recipients of donated goods from abroad.

Importation of donated goods that do not meet the criteria explained in these guidelines are not exempt from duties or taxes and must follow the reasonable Customs laws, rules, regulations, and procedures for the processing of imports.

How to start the customs clearance process in Philippines ?

Import goods to the Philippines are very complicated, so it’s better to use one shipping agent like DDPCH to help you with the shipping and customs clearance process.

but here we are telling you some steps that you need to finish for import your product from china to the Philippines

Document for customs clearance in Philippine

Documentary Requirements. Unless and until the Bureau is operating in a paperless environment, the printout of the SAD signed by the declarant and the customs broker, if any, and duly notarized, must be submitted to the Formal Entry Division (FED)or its equivalent office or unit, together with the following documents which shall form an integral part of the Goods

Duty accomplished SDV form. The Bureau shall require the submission of the SDV in the prescribed form or the a printed, electronic copy thereof and should be notarized, until such time the SDV is incorporated in the customs system;

Duty endorsed BL or AWB, or in the absence thereof a, written order (Delivery Order, Telex Release oF Release Order) by the carrier or agent of the vessel or aircraft;

Commercial invoice, letter of credit or any other verifiable the commercial document evidencing payment; in cases where there is no sale for export, by any commercial document indicating the commercial value of the goods;

Packing list, or the commercial invoice, provided, it contains the itemized specific information; and

Documents as may be required by rules and regulations, such as

Import authority, permit clearance, or license for imported goods listed in the official list of regulated goods as posted on the BOC website. For this purpose, the Bureau shall periodically update the official list of regulated goods;

Sanitary and Phytoplankton Import Clearance (SPSIC);

Authority to Release Imported Goods (ATRIG);

Certificate of Origin (for various Free Trade Agreements and Economic Partnership Agreements)
or other Proof of Origin such as Invoice Declaration
by Certified Exporter when the Self Certification System is availed of by contracting countries and
Origin Declaration by Approved Exporter for PH-EFTA FTA;

Advance Ruling, if the ruling was applied in the lodgement of the goods declaration;

LPS or DPS report for bulk or break bulk importations;

TEI, if applicable, and

Other documents as may be required by the Bureau
or existing regulations.

Type of Goods declaration in philippine customs

Goods Declaration for Consumption.

Goods of commercial nature with FOB or FCA value of Fifty
Thousand Pesos (Php50,000.00) and above shall be entered through a goods declaration for consumption and cleared under the Formal Entry Process.

Declaration of Goods that is Part for Consumption and Part for Warehousing.

Goods covered by one BL or AWB which are meant in part for consumption and in part for warehousing may both be entered simultaneously for release at the Port of Entry.

Contents of goods Declaration

Except as otherwise provided for in Section 5.7.5 of this CAO covering the-rules on provisional goods declaration, ali goods declaration shall contain the fallowing

  • Name of the consignee;
  • Name of the importing vessel or aircraft;
  • Country of origin;
  • Port of departure;
  • Post of destination;
  • Date of arrival;
  • The number and marks of packages, or the quantity, if in bulk;
  • Nature and correct commodity description of the goods contained therein

The description of goods in the goods declaration must be sufficient and specific in detail to enable the goods to be identified for customs valuation, statistical purposes, and classification to the appropriate tariff heading and subheading,

and in such other particulars necessary for the proper assessment and collection of duties and taxes.

The quantity and value of each of the several classes of goods shall be separately declared according to their respective headings and subheadings, and the totals of each heading and subheading shall be duly shown

Prohibited item for import to Philippine

if you want to buy the product from china and import to philippine initially, you must check the prohibited items list
here we make ready a list of prohibited item that can nit import to philippine

1. Dynamite, gunpowder, ammunitions and other explosives, firearms and weapons of war, or parts thereof;

 2. Roulette wheels, gambling outfits, loaded dice, marked cards, machines, apparatus or mechanical devices used in gambling or the distribution of money, cigars, cigarettes or other goods when such distribution is dependent on chance, including jackpot and pinball machines or similar contrivances, or parts thereof;

 3. Lottery and sweepstakes tickets, except advertisements thereof and lists of drawings therein;

 4. Marijuana, opium, poppies, coca leaves, heroin or other narcotics or synthetic drugs which are or may hereafter be declared habit-forming by the President of the Philippines, or any compound, manufactured salt, derivative, or preparation thereof, except when imported by the government of the Philippines or any person duly authorized by the Dangerous Drugs Board, for medicinal purposes;

 5. Opium pipes or parts thereof, of whatever material; and

 6. Any other goods whose importation and exportation are restricted.

Prohibited Imports/Exports are goods which are, by their nature, unlawful to be imported or exported. These goods are otherwise called as “contrabands.” As provided under the CMTA, the following are prohibited imports/exports:

 1. Written or printed goods in any form containing any matter advocating or inciting treason, rebellion, insurrection, sedition against the government of the Philippines, or forcible resistance to any law of the Philippines, or written or printed goods containing any threat to take the life of, or inflict bodily harm upon any person in the Philippines;

 2. Goods, instruments, drugs and substances designed, intended or adapted for producing unlawful abortion, or any printed matter which advertises, describes or gives direct or indirect information where, how or by whom criminal abortion is committed;

 3. Written or printed goods, negatives or cinematographic films, photographs, engravings, lithographs, objects, paintings, drawings or other representation of an obscene or immoral character;

 4. Any goods manufactured in whole or in part of gold, silver or other precious metals or alloys and the stamp, brand or mark does not indicate the actual fineness of quality of the metals or alloys;

 5. Any adulterated or misbranded food or goods for human consumption or any adulterated or misbranded drug in violation of relevant laws and regulations;

 6. Infringing goods as defined under the Intellectual Property Code and related laws; and

 7. All other goods or parts thereof, which importation and exportation are explicitly prohibited by law or rules and regulations issued by the competent authority.

Import TAX calculation in Philippine

if you want to import products from china to Philippine, you must know how much you need to pay as tax and customs fees.

Here is an example of tax calculation for import goods to Philippine.

Currency Philippine peso
Currency Philippine peso
  •  To determine the insurance, use 2% of the FOB or FCA for general cargo and 4% for dangerous cargo. 
  •  To determine the updated exchange rate, visit

What is an HS Code ?

The HS is one of the most successful instruments developed by the World Customs Organization(WCO) because it addresses a fundamental need of governments: the ability to categorize what is being traded. This enables both decisions on immediate actions for specific goods (for example, duty collections, restrictions, or controls) and the use of the collated information to underpin economic and trade-related policies and planning.

HS Code for short, is a common standard worldwide for describing the type of commodity that is shipped

Explained and operated by the World Customs Organization, the HS Code 

  • consists of 5,000 commodity groups covered in 99 Chapters containing 21 Sections; 
  • is identified by a six-digit code; 
  • is arranged in a legal and logical structure; and 
  • is supported by well-defined rules to achieve uniform classification all over the world
hs code

Trade relations between China and Philippines

China and Philippines both two big countries in world. These 2 countries have very important economic relationships.
Every year thousands of toons product import from china to Philippines

In 2020 Philippines was the number 36 economy in the world in terms of GDP (current US$), the number 38 in total exports, the number 33 in total imports, and the number 46 most complex economy according to the Economic Complexity Index (ECI).

In 2018, the Philippines exported $97.8B and imported $135B, resulting in a negative trade balance of -$36.7B. In 2020, the Philippines’ exports per capita were $917, and its imports per capita were $1.26k.

Top destination for export from Phipipphins

In August 2020 Philippines export to Japan ($732M), Hong Kong ($659M), China ($599M), USA ($484M), Singapore ($296M), and imported mostly from China ($1.33B), South Korea ($709M), USA($582M), Japan ($517M), and Singapore ($367M)

Top Product for Exports from Phipipphins

The most exports are led by Integrated Circuits ($30.7B), Office Machine Parts ($8.89B), Computers and IT equipment ($4.97B), Semiconductor Devices ($3.42B), and Electrical Transformers ($2.48B).

Shipping from China to Philippines (Full Service & Rate Guide 2020

Top Product Import to Philippines

In 2020 the Philippines imported $135B, making it the number 33 trade destination in the world. During the last five reported years, the Philippines’ imports changed by $56.8B from $77.7B in 2013 to $135B in 2018.

The most recent imports of the Philippines are led by Integrated Circuits ($20.1B), Refined Petroleum ($9.22B), Crude Petroleum ($4.79B), Cars ($3.78B), and Planes, Helicopters, and Spacecraft ($2.46B).

The most common import partners for the Philippines are China ($32.3B), South Korea ($12.6B), Japan ($11.6B), Chinese Taipei ($10.2B), and United States ($9.15B).

Shipping from China to Philippines (Full Service & Rate Guide 2020

What does Philippines import from China? 

In 2020, China exported $33.3B to the Philippines.

The main products shipped from China to the Philippines were Refined Petroleum ($2.35B), Integrated Circuits ($1.59B), and Broadcasting Equipment ($1.02B).

During the last 24 years, the exports of China to the Philippines have increased at an annualized rate of 16.2%, from $1.03B in 1995 to $32.3B in 2019.

Shipping from China to Philippines (Full Service & Rate Guide 2020

Air freight from China to Philippines (Air Cargo)

There are a number of good reasons to choose to Air freight from China to Philippines

Air freight from China to Philippines is quick – especially if you use a direct service. You can expect shipments by air to arrive in days, while sea freight services inevitably take several weeks.

Air freight from China to Philippines deliveries are charged based on weight rather than volume. They’re typically good value for smaller deliveries

DDPCH will be able to give you a few different options for arranging your air freight delivery, including consols and direct routes, from the main city in china to the main city in Philippines

As long as it is correctly packaged, Air freight from China to Philippines is usually a good way of moving fragile or valuable products. Damage is less likely compared to sea freight

Air freight from China to Philippines is tracked much like passengers on an airplane – security is tight.

we have shipping service to man Philippines city like

Quezon City
Davao City
Zamboanga City

Which Airlines have cargo flying from China to the Philippians?

many airlines have air freight and cargo shipping service from China to Philippines each airline have different shipping cost and transit time, but here we give you the best airline, you can choose one of them for air freight service from China to Philippines

  • Philippine Airlines
  • STARLUX Airlines
  • Korean Air
  • Hong Kong Airlines
  • Cebu Pacific
  • Air Macau
  • IndiGo
  • Jeju Air
  • AirAsia Philippines
  • Scoot
  • United Airlines
  • Cathay Dragon

common airlines carry shipment from China to Philippines are Philippine Airlines, STARLUX Airlines, Korean Air

Air cargo shipping process from China to Philippines

Step 1: Customer contact with DDPCH sales team, our team help customer to have the best price and transit time and solution in the market
step 2: seller send the package to DDPCH warehouse in china
Step 3: we keep our customer’s package in our warehouse until the flight date
Stop 4: DDPCH team prepper customs document for export shipments from china
Step 5: we send the package to the airport in china
Step 6: After an inspection in the airport we load the shipment to airplane
Step 7: transit time from china to Russian take around 1-3 days
Step 8: we do customs clearance for our customers in Philippines
step 9: after finish customs clearance in Russia we send customer packages to his address in Philippines

Air cargo shipping process from China to Philippines
Air cargo shipping process from China to Philippines

Which city from china has Air cargo service to Philippines?

regularly the main city in china has a direct flight to Philippines like😀

  • air cargo from Shenzhen to Philippines
  • air cargo from Guangzhou to Philippines
  • air cargo from shanghai to Philippines
  • air cargo from Beijing to Philippines
  • air cargo from Ningbo to Philippines
  • air cargo from Xiamen to Philippines
  • air cargo from Qingdao to Philippines

Which Airport in Philippines accepts air cargo shipment from China?

At this moment DDPCH offers air freight service from all major city in china to these airports in Philippines :

  • Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA)
  • Bacolod-Silay International Airport
  • Clark International Airport
  • Puerto Princesa International Airport
  • Mactan–Cebu International Airport
  • Subic Bay International Airport
  • Francisco Bangoy International Airport

Air Freight transit times from China to Philippines (Air cargo)

if you want to know air freight transit time from main china city to Philippines, we will suggest u read this table

Transit timeQuezon CityManilaBudtaDavaoMalingao
Shanghai2-4 days3-5 days3-5 days5-7 days3-5 days
Shenzhen2-4 days2-4 days5-7 days3-5 days2-4 days
Guangzhou2-4 days2-4 days2-4 days5-7 days2-4 days
Beijing2-4 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days5-7 days
Hongkong3-5 days2-4 days3-5 days2-4 days2-4 days
Air cargo transit time from china to Philippines

Air freight Cost from China to Philippines (Shipping cost china to Philippines)

Air Freight cost from china depends on factors like weight/size of packing/type of goods and airline.

We suggest you ask the seller in china always to make your package smaller, and you can save shipping cost with less volume weight.

May customer asking us about shipping cost from china to Philippines, DDPCH try customers know an average shipping cost from china to Philippines for air cargo

From / To22kg+100kg+500kg+1000kg+
Air freight from Shenzhen to Quezon City3.532.52
Air freight from Shanghai to Quezon City32.52.42.1
Air freight from Guangzhou to Quezon City2.521.81.7
Air freight from Beijing to Quezon City3.532.52
Air freight from Hongkong to Quezon City43.83.43.3
Air freight from Shenzhen to Manila3.532.42.4
Air freight from Shanghai to Manila32.51.81.7
Air freight from Guangzhou to Manila3.532.52
Air freight from Beijing to Manila54.642.4
Air freight from Hongkong to Manila43.83.43.3
Air freight from Shenzhen to Budta3.532.52
Air freight from Shanghai to Budta32.52.42.1
Air freight from Guangzhou to Budta2.521.81.7
Air freight from Beijing to Budta3.532.52
Air freight from Hongkong to Budta43.83.43.3
Air freight from Shenzhen to Davao3.532.42.4
Air freight from Shanghai to Davao32.51.81.7
Air freight from Guangzhou to Davao3.532.52
Air freight from Beijing to Davao3.532.52
Air freight from Hongkong to Davao32.52.42.1
Air freight from Shenzhen to Malingao2.521.81.7
Air freight from Shanghai to Malingao3.532.52
Air freight from Guangzhou to Malingao43.83.43.3
Air freight from Beijing to Malingao3.532.42.4
Air freight from Hongkong to Malingao32.51.81.7
Air shipping cost from china to Philippines

Tracking Air cargo from China to Philippines (Tacking shipment)

after booking your shipment with DDPCH properly, you want to track your shipment from China to Philippines, for tracing your shipment you can use this table

Airline Namelink for Tracking CargoAirline Namelink for Tracking Cargo
Emirates Sky Cargo TrackingClick hereKLM airline cargo trackingClick here
Qatar Airways Cargo TrackingClick hereBritish Airways cargo trackingClick here
Cathay pacific cargo trackingClick hereEtihad airline cargo trackingClick here
Korean airlines cargo trackingClick hereVirgin airline cargo trackingClick here
Cargolux Cargo trackingClick hereAir Canada cargo trackingClick here
Lufthansa cargo trackingClick hereAeroflot airline cargo trackingClick here
Air China Cargo TrackingClick hereSaudi Arabian Airlines cargo trackingClick here
Singapore Airlines Cargo TrackingClick hereOman Air cargo trackingClick here
China Southern Airlines Cargo TrackingClick hereAmerican Airlines cargo trackingClick here
Turkish Airlines Cargo TrackingClick hereair India cargo trackingClick here
Mahan airline Cargo TrackingClick hereKuwait airways cargo trackingClick here
Hainan airlines cargo trackingClick hereIran air cargo trackingClick here
Thai Airways Cargo trackingClick hereFedex cargo trackingClick here
Japan Airlines Cargo TrackingClick hereUPS Air Cargo trackingClick here
Tracking air freight from china to Philippines

Main Sea Port of Philippines

Every day thousands of container imports or exports from china to
If you want to use a sea shipping ( LCL, FCL) service from China to Philippines, you must choose one of these seaports.

Sea port IsabelSea port Amunitan/Aparri
Sea port JoloSea port Aparri, Luzon
Sea port JordanSea port Atimonan
Sea port Jose PanganibanSea port Bacolod
Sea port Laoag, LuzonSea port Bacolod, Negros
Sea port Limay/BataanSea port Basco
Sea port ManilaSea port Basilan City, Basilan
Sea port Mariveles, LuzonSea port Bataan, Mariveles
Sea port MasaoSea port Batangas, Luzon
Sea port MasinlocSea port Bislig, Mindanao
Sea port Nasipit PortSea port Bugo
Sea port OlongapoSea port Cadiz
Sea port Ozamis, MindanaoSea port Cagayan De Oro
Sea port PagbilaoSea port Cagayan De Oro, Mindanao
Sea port PollocSea port Calaca
Sea port Poro/San FernandoSea port Cebu City
Sea port Port IreneSea port Claveria
Sea port Puerto Princesa, PalawanSea port Currimao
Sea port PulupandanSea port Davao
Sea port QuezonSea port Davao, Mindanao
Sea port Rio TubaSea port Dumaguete
Sea port San CarlosSea port General Santos
Sea port San Fernando, LuzonSea port Gingoog
Sea port Sangi/CebuSea port Hondagua/Siain
Sea port Santa MariaSea port Iligan, Mindanao
Sea port Suba-NipaSea port Iloilo
Sea port Subic BaySea port Isabel
Sea port Surigao, MindanaoSea port Amunitan/Aparri
Sea port Tabaco/LegaspiSea port Aparri, Luzon
Sea port TaclobanSea port Atimonan
Sea port TagaloanSea port Bacolod
Sea port IsabelSea port Bacolod, Negros
All sea ports of Philippines

What is the best sea port for Ocean freight from China to Philippines?

as you can see Philippines have more than 100 seaport, but we always suggest to our customers use this five sea port

  • Port of Manila
  • Port of Cebu
  • Batangas International Port
  • Port of Subic
  • Port of Cagayan de Oro

Because usually shipping costs to these ports with DDPCH is cheaper and the customs process in these in this sea ports is more comfortable than other sea ports.

Sea freight transit times from China to Philippines ( Ocean fright )

Shipping from China to Philippines (Full Service & Rate Guide 2020

Transit time and delivery time for ocean freight and sea shipping service from china to Philippines depend on many factors like:

  • Chose FCL or LCL service
  • You chose from which port in china
  • Destination port
  • Use directly shipping service or no
From / ToPort of ManilaPort of CebuBatangas PortPort of SubicPort of Cagayan de Oro
Shanghai5 Days5 Days5 Days5 Days5 Days
Shenzhen4 Days4 Days4 Days4 Days4 Days
Ningbo3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Guangzhou6 Days6 Days6 Days6 Days6 Days
Hong Kong3 Days3 Days3 Days30 Days3 Days
Qingdao5 Days4 Days5 Days5 Days3 Days
Tianjin6 Days3 Days4 Days4 Days5 Days
Xiamen5 Days6 Days3 Days3 Days5 Days
Dalian6  Days3 Days6 Days6 Days4 Days
Dongguan4 Days5 Days3 Days3 Days3 Days
Nanjing3  Days4 Days25 Days25 Days6 Days
Sea shipping transit time from china to Philippines

Sea Shipping Cost from China to Philippines (Ocean fright rate)

Ocean freight rate changes very fast and depends on many factors like :

  • size and volume of the shipment and container 
  • type of container
  • type of commodity and product
  • from which port in china to which port in Philippines
From / ToPort of ManilaPort of CebuBatangas PortPort of SubicPort of Cagayan de Oro
Shanghai85 USD75 USD75 USD55 USD55 USD
Shenzhen75 USD65 USD65 USD75 USD85 USD
Ningbo65 USD55 USD55 USD65 USD75 USD
Guangzhou55 USD71 USD71 USD55 USD65 USD
Hong Kong71 USD70 USD70 USD71 USD55 USD
Qingdao70 USD75 USD75 USD75 USD71 USD
Tianjin110 USD65 USD65 USD65 USD70 USD
Xiamen120 USD55 USD55 USD65 USD110 USD
Dalian110 USD71 USD75 USD55 USD120 USD
Dongguan77 USD70 USD65 USD71 USD110 USD
Nanjing69 USD75 USD55 USD65 USD77 USD
FOB – USD – Sea Shipping Cost from China

Door to Door Shipping service from China to Philippines

Door-to-door shipping is a service where the DDPCH guarantees that the goods will be picked up from and delivered to any locations in the Philippines decided by the end customer.

It is different from door-to-port or port-to-port because it begins and ends at specific addresses within cities covered by the DDPCH service.

In Door to Door shipping service from China to Philippines, we do all shipping and customs clearance process for our customers in Philippines.

Door to Door Air shipping cost and transit time from China to Philippines

cargo type22kg+100kg+500kg+1000kg+Transit time
general Goods4 USD3.8 USD3.5 USD3 USD6-8days
general goods with battery5 USD4 USD3.5 USD2 USD6-8days
Brand goods with battery5 USD4.8 USD3.5 USD2 USD6-8days
Cosmetic goods4 USD3.8 USD3 USD2 USD6-8days
Civil use virus related goods5 USD4 USD3.5 USD2 USD6-8days
Electronic cigarette(no oil)5 USD4.8 USD3.5 USD2 USD6-8days
CCTV/Slab/Mechanical quartz watch5 USD4 USD3.5 USD2 USD6-8days
DDP Air from China to Philippines

Door to Door Sea shipping cost and transit time from China to Philippines

cargo type1cbm+5cbm+10cbm+20cbm+Transit time
general goods80 USD60 USD45 USD40 USD7-10 Days
brand goods90 USD88 USD70 USD69 USD7-10 Days
general goods with battery110 USD90 USD80 USD70 USD7-10 Days
powder150 USD130 USD110 USD100 USD7-10 Days
civil use virus related goods130 USD120 USD110 USD100 USD7-10 Days
personal packages150 USD130 USD110 USD100 USD7-10 Days
DDP Sea from China to Philippines

If you want to know the door to door shipping cost from china to Philippines , please send this document to DDPCH team.

  • Proforma invoice
  • Packing list
  • Seller address in china
  • Your shipping method ( air or sea )
  • HS code

After that we well check price for you

Express courier service from China to Philippines

Shipping cost is an essential factor when it comes to shipping overseas. Our mission at DDPCH is to reduce those shipping costs.

Due to the high volume of packages we handle for our customers –, hundreds of thousands – we can offer discounts of over 80% on the shipping rate.

And with over 10carriers on our system for shipping from china to the Philippines, DDPCH can provide you with a wide range of shipping options.

Express courier shipping Cost from China to Philippines

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