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Shipping from china to UAE Complete Guide 2020 (Latest edition)


If you read this page, it is mean you are looking for one shipping agent china, to help you forward your shipment from china to UAE, we are glad to give you some useful information about international shipping from China to UAE.

DDPCH, as one of the leading players in the international shipping business in china, is ready to cover all your needs in the shipping area.

If you want to send heavy cargo or small air cargo or even small parcel from china to UAE, DDPCH can be one of the best options for you.

In this guide, you will find valuable and useful information that will clear for you all the steps for exporting your goods from China to UAE.

If still after reading this page have some confusion, please feel free to contact DDPCH team, we support all customers even at weekend or holiday

clearance in UAE Customs

The UAE customs are one of the most top the Efficiency of Customs Procedures in the world. If you want to import any goods from china to the UAE, you should be familiar with the customs process in UAE.

Main Customs offices in UAE

If you want to import your goods from china you usually use one of these main customs for customs clearance:

  • Abu Dhabi Post Customs Centre
  • Abu Dhabi Airport Customs Centre – Al Bateen
  • Mussafah Port Customs Centre
  • Zayed Port Customs Centre
  • Dubai International Airport Customs Centre
  •  Cargo Village Customs Centre
  • Al Maktoum Airport Customs Centre
  • Jebel Ali Cargo Village Customs Centre
  • Dubai Airport FZ Customs Centre
  • Jebel Ali Port Customs Centre
  • Rashid Port Customs Centre
  • Hamriya Port Customs Centre – Dubai
  • Airport Cargo Customs Centre
  • SAIF Zone Customs Centre
  • Port Khalid Customs Centre
  • Khorfakkan Customs Centre
  • Saqr Port Customs Centre
  • Al Jazeera Port Customs Centre
  • Fujairah International Airport Customs
  • Deba Al Fujairah Port Customs Centre
  • Creek Customs Centre – Ajman
  • Ajman Port and Customs Centre

DDPCH, with a great customs bookers team, is ready to provide the customs clearance service to all customers that have plan export goods from China to UAE.

DDPCH with fully covered sea and airport customs office in UAE can provide the Door to Door service

Necessary documents for import to UAE

To import any goods from UAE customs, you should provide some documents to UAE customs.

The main document includes:

  • Delivery order from a shipping agent addressed to a company licensed in the UAE;
  • Original bill of loading (for seaports) or original Air waybill for air cargo
  • Original invoice from the exporter addressed to a licensed importer in the country detailing total quantity, goods description, and total value for each item
  • Copy of the trade license of buyer and seller;
  • Certificate of origin approved by the Chamber of Commerce in the country of origin detailing the origin of goods;
  • Transport certificate;
  • The customs entry declaration;
  • Detailed packing list: weight, method of packing and HS code for each individual article contained in the shipment;
  • Transport documents that are required for import clearance

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