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The Top Express Shipping Companies from China to Iran | Review

The Top Express Shipping Companies from China to Iran | Review

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Beijing-Tehran route is one of the most strategic paths for both IRI and PRC. It’s a channel that connects two of the potent countries in Asia, keeping their economic relations active. However, the top express shipping companies from China to Iran review that you’ll read in this article is aimed to help the traders who’re working on this track.

If choosing the forwarder is a concern, this review will come in handy. We’ve inspected four of the trendy names of the industry, and created a list based on their performance and reputation.



This locally owned business is a well-known express service provider in Tehran. They’re currently offering several freight services that include Door to Door delivery and air freights.

However, the fact that they don’t have an office in China is a drawback. Although BRE has proved that it can manage the express cargos professionally, some customers complain about the lack of personal communication in the starting point—China.



Being backed by its four years of experience, DDPCH is the sparkling courier of Shenzhen. The company has become one of the top express shipping forwarders in the past few years. And it’s aimed to turn into the largest service provider in the whole PRC soon.

DDPCH is a specialized DDP shipment provider that works with thousands of airports and seaports from all around the world. They offer air and sea freight in China, as well as Amazon FBA and Express services.

However, they own one of the most extensive nationwide and worldwide hubs that connects more than 220 countries. So, not only they’re one the best couriers in the China-Iran route, but they’re also an internationally celebrated company.

Plus, they have an office in Shenzhen so that the traders can manage their cargos in person.



Since 2016, PDE has been among the top express shipping companies from China to Iran. That’s because they have a professional team of shipment experts both in Shenzhen and Tehran.

The company headquarters is in Tehran, and it manages deliveries to more than 202 nations, worldwide. Customers can benefit from their express, DDP, or regular air/sea freight when it comes to international shipments.



When the PSP started operating, the average transportation from Beijing to Tehran was enormously increasing. So, they became one of the first express companies in 2011 to open their headquarters in the capital of both countries.

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