Top 5 online shopping website in China 2020 | Full guide

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China owns the world’s most advanced e-commerce environment. If you are importing from China to anywhere in the world, you need to know about the top online shopping website in China 2020. In this article, we will introduce the top 5 online shopping websites in China 2020 to you.

E-commerce is a major market in China. This sector currently generates revenue of nearly USD 315 billion and plans are in place by the industry authorities to hit USD 441 billion by 2020. Here is the top 5 list of online shopping website in China 2020.


Alibaba-owned Taobao is no newcomer to online commerce. The C2C giant, literally, sells just about everything from notebooks to cars. Unlike its western equivalent, eBay, Taobao owes its reputation as the market leader in this sector by offering its users notable free registration.

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Number 2 on the top 5 online shopping website in China 2020, is another Alibaba-owned company. Tmall is another business that focuses on B2C services. It is a virtual mall that hosts the main online retail presence of many brands, including companies such as Gucci, Calvin Klein, Burberry and many more.


The number 3 on the top 5 online shopping website in China 2020 list is 360buy. This website is another giant in China’s e-commerce sector, primarily includes electronics, household appliances, clothes, and books. The company also has its own online travel service and has a mall for luxury brands.

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4: Suning & Gome

Suning is a retailer of electronics that operates nationwide stores. But it’s turning itself into an e-tailer to escape the brick-and-mortar industry’s disastrous fate. It’s fascinating to see how the company is using its industry experience to conquer e-commerce in China. Our recent statistics suggest that it now ranks fourth in the B2C sector. Gome, another shop on the top 5 online shopping website in China 2020, is a close competitor of Suning and 360buy. This shop also operates primarily retail outlets selling electronics and electrical appliances. Gome is also turning itself into an e-tailer to keep pace with the industry, as the market increasingly diversifies into e-commerce, and as more consumers shift to online shopping.

5: QQ buy

QQ buy is the 5th item on the top 5 online shopping website in China 2020. This website which is an e-commerce platform owned by Tencent aims to bring the highly monopolized Tmall and 360 buy market to competition. QQ buy focuses on brands and labels, as well as allowing rival e-commerce specialist sites to open virtual storefronts on their platform.

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