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Top 5 sea ports in the UK | Importer’s choice of 2020

Top 5 sea ports in the UK | Importer’s choice of 2020

When importing goods to the UK with door to door service, importers will never know which port is being used for their particular shipment, because it will be delivered to the final given destination. However, They may be curious and want to know which port in the UK their goods could be shipped to. One of the first questions they may ask when they first look into sea freight is “which port is closest to me?”

When small businesses are looking to import goods to the UK there are five main ports through which could route a shipment on board a cargo ship. Although Felixstowe is the most likely destination for the shipments, we’re going to read an overview of other ports in the UK, when should they be used and what kind of shipments routes through each.

Port of Felixstowe

Port of Felixstowe is located in Suffolk, it’s the busiest port of UK dealing with 48% of the country’s container trade. The port is in the South East coast of the UK so it has access to the major ports within and around Continental Europe’s North West Coast.

This port is the UK’s first purposely built for handling containers and providing service to the world’s largest container bills. It can accommodate mega vessels because of its water depth. It has three rail lines too to facilitate intermodal rail freight and making it the biggest facility of this facility in the UK. There are also enhancements to the rail connections into the port to allow 47 freight trains to run through the port on daily basis.

Importers should know that if they want to import less than a container (LCL) shipment from Asia then Felixtowe is almost always the place their goods will be sent to. Wherever the goods are in the UK, Felixtowe’s East Midlands location makes it well located for distribution of goods to wherever they’re needed.

Felixstowe’s port handles 3.5 million twenty-foot containers each year, it also runs services to and from 365 ports around the world therefore it’s the most commonly used port and will probably where the goods are shipped to.

Port of Southampton

The port of Southampton is a popular passenger port and also handles an enormous amount of cargo. It’s located on the South coast of the country and is centrally placed within the region that’s directly linked to both rail and road systems. For importers whose business is based in the south of England with FCL, then this port is a good option. It can also be suggested for LCL but needs good service from the supplier’s nearest port in Asia.

Port of London

Because of its location which is being partly on River Thames and the North Sea, It’s considered as gateway to the UK’s financial capital and at some point this was the largest port in the world. In 2018, trade through this port reached 51.2 million tons. The port of London claims some of the best rail, road and sea links to the rest of the UK.

All the cargo facilities within this port are privately owned and privately operated. They handle every type of cargo that you can imagine from containers to dangerous and hazardous cargoes, food, people and machinery

Port of Immingham

Port of Immingham was the largest port in the UK back in 2012, even now it remains with the largest capacity in the UK, handling 55 million tons of cargo each year. This port has a major role in facilitating the supply chain that guarantees UK’s sustainable electricity generation because the port connects Humber (Energy estuary of the UK) to the rest of the country.

Because of its access to the country’s energy sources this port handles 10 million tons of coal and 20 million tons of oil cementing.

Port of Liverpool

Port of Liverpool is the most centrally placed port in all of the UK. That gives it diversity in handling various types of cargo, it has a massive $400 million shipping terminal which welcomes mega vessels to the port.

The port is also a tourist attraction site, it is home to the some of the country’s timeless classic buildings known as the three graces of Liverpool. In the end, if you need shipping from China to UK by ocean freight, DDPCH can help you to choose the best port and guide you through all the procedure

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