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Top air freight airport in Qatar for importing from China

Top air freight airport in Qatar for importing from China

When importing from China to Qatar, you need to know many factors. One of the necessary factors to know while air freight from China, is the air freight airport in Qatar. In this article, we will introduce the top air freight airport in Qatar.

Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport is the Qatar state’s sole international airport. Located south of its capital, Doha, it replaced the main airport in Qatar, the former Doha International Airport.

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Hamad International Airport, formerly known as New Doha International Airport (NDIA), was originally scheduled to open in 2009. But after a series of expensive delays, the airport finally opened on 30 April 2014 with a ceremonial Qatar Airways flight landing from nearby Doha International. On 27 May 2014, national carrier Qatar Airways and all other air carriers formally relocated to the new airport.

Hamad International Airport Cargo

In this air freight airport in Qatar, as an industry leader, Qatar Airways Cargo through its Quick Ramp Transfer (QRT) solution offers the fastest global aircraft transfer at Doha. It is the only carrier in the Middle East to offer refrigerated or reefer truck services at its home hub for ramp transfers. Sensitive commodities are collected by specialized temperature-controlled vehicles from and delivered directly to the aircraft in an effort to ensure that the cool chain process is seamless, thereby eliminating the risk of temperature exposure.

Air freight airport in Qatar for pharmaceuticals

The recently introduced pharmaceuticals solution-QR Pharma and Perishables-QR Fresh will add to the substantial range of already available cargo solutions. In line with the highest world-class standards, the new facility will further enhance capacity and flexibility to effectively move sensitive commodities.

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We can describe this cold chain as the seamless movement of fresh, chilled or frozen products. This movement can be handled from the area of production to the market, through various storage and transport media. All this process happens without altering the optimum storage temperature and relative humidity.

The Doha Cargo hub operates according to the highest standards in the Pharmaceutical Industry. It offers quality assurance in accordance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP). This ensures the consistent storage, transportation, and handling of shipments under appropriate conditions as required by product specifications. The Climate Control team monitors the customers’ pharmaceutical and perishable shipments proactively from end to end. All this process happens to ensure a seamless cool chain process.

Planning to import to Qatar? Now that you know more about the top airport in Qatar, you can swiftly move on to selecting your sellers. if you require assistance with air freight services from China to Qatar or anywhere else in the world, you can contact DDPCH.. On top of that, offer door to door services as well as sea freight.

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