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Top airports in the Middle East for air cargo service

Top airports in the Middle East for air cargo service

Around 100 years ago, air transportation started working. It is not surprising that at that time traveling by airplanes was very luxurious. However, these days, planes are an essential part of human lives. In other words, nobody can imagine this world without air transportation. Different airlines offer various services to their customers.  

Besides, airplanes have a vital role in goods transportation in the world. Doing trade will be unbelievingly difficult without airplanes.

Because they connect the farthest corners of the world to each other in the shortest time.

The Middle East is a big part of the world, and many countries are located in it. Due to this fact that the first markets in the history were in this part, the trade is one of the most critical jobs in the Middle East.

Therefore, air cargo services have a crucial role in this part of the world to make the experience of goods transportation sweet. 

This article aims to introduce the top biggest airport in the Middle East for air cargo service.

At the end of this article, you will have enough information about air cargo services in the Middle East. 

The history of the air posting 

The first air transportation was registered on 7 November 1910 in the United States. The name of this airplane was Cargo. The goods on this plane were 200-pound silks. This flight took 66 minutes. 

After that, the world’s formal posting flight was on 18 February in 1911 in a luxurious air show. The main goal of this show was to provide different services for posting and collecting money for charity. 

In Europe, the first flight was from London to Paris, and the goods were leather for a shoe manufacturer. It created an excellent tendency for this kind of posting among merchants.

After that, another company was National Air Transport, founded on 14 November in 1926 and carried parcels by airplanes. These continued until the air cargo service became very plural worldwide.

One of the most important factors, that this kind of goods transportation is popular for it, is the rapid delivery time compared to railways.

In this world, no boy like to wait for a long time, mainly, when a person orders some goods for his / her business, it is crucial to have it as soon as possible. 

Biggest airports in the Middle East for air cargo services 

When you work as merchants, you must be familiar with different turns of goods transportation. There are well-established airports with high facilities in the Middle East that you can choose one of them for excellent services. 

Beirut International Airport

It is one of the biggest and most important airports in the Middle East for air cargo service. It is impossible to travel to the Middle East and never hear the name of this airport. 

Different services are offered at this airport. Various shops and restaurants, different choices of transportation (car rental and airport taxies), and a friendly atmosphere make this airport one of the most significant destinations for passengers. 

High quality, timely execution, safe delivery, and well-connected and reliable networks are features of this terminal for air cargo service. 

Queen Alia International Airport

“Queen Alia International Airport” is the right terminal for the air cargo service. It is located in Jordan. High facilities are offered at this airport. For this reason, many people in the Middle East prefer to choose this airport for goods transportation. 

Kuwait International Airport

This international airport is an excellent terminal for air cargo service. This airport is designed professionally, and its beautiful design is famous in the Middle East. The architecture of this airport is Abdullah Al-Mubarak Air Base. 

The air cargo service is plentiful at this airport. More than 126000 tones are transported annually in this terminal. Recently, new facilities have been added to this airport and have increased the capacity for goods transportations. Providing electronic services are new services that make everything easier. 

King Abdul-Aziz International Airport – Jeddah

This airport is one of the largest airports in the region in Saudi Arabia. Over 30 airlines use this terminal for air cargo service. Well organized and high services offered in this airport attract many passengers from all over the world. This airport is connected to more than 250 countries. 

King Khalid International Airport – Riyadh

“King Khalid International Airport – Riyadh” is an international airport and terminal for air cargo service in Saudi Arabia. It is located 35 kilometers in the north of Riyadh. This airport was founded in 1983. 

This airport is seeking to increase air cargo service capacity and create a safe environment for those who need to air freight transportation. This airport’s old capacity was 37000 tonnes annually, and it has been increased to 500000 tonnes in 2020. Hence, new facilities are offered at this airport.

Many prominent companies use this terminal for air freight such as:

  • SMSA Express 
  • Zajil Express 
  • Saudi post- Postal Handling Center 
  • Naquel 
  • Aramex 
  • DHL
  • TNT

Abu Dhabi International Airport

“Abu Dhabi International Airport” is an international and vital terminal for air cargo service. This airport is located in Abu Dhabi in the United States Emirates. The length of the band in this airport is 4100 m. 

Many facilities are offered for air freight products and services to customers. High technology, combined with the latest transportation techniques in this airport, provides a safe environment for goods transportation. 

Sharjah International Airport

“Sharjah International Airport” is the third biggest airport in the Middle East and a fabulous terminal for air cargo service. 

This airport is the main base for Air Arabia Airlines. One of the most significant features of this airport is that if there were no flights to Dubai, a passenger could come to this airport and just in 30 minutes travel to Dubai. 

An air cargo service in this airport provides domestic and international air freights. Among different airport features for air cargo service, well equipment, flexible delivery schedules, and vast networks are prominent.

Bahrain International Airport

“Bahrain International Airport” is an excellent airport with massive infrastructure for air cargo service. Cargo facilities are:

  • Cooling facilities for perishable food and medicine
  • Special facilities for dangerous goods
  • Special facilities for live animals and pets
  • Barcoding systems 

DHL Express uses this airport for air freight. 

Doha International Airport

“Doha International Airport” is one of the well-known airports in the Middle East and the world. High facilities in this airport for passengers provide a good experience of traveling for passengers. This airport has special design, and it remembers the Arabian lifestyle. Palm trees, in this airport, have created a unique atmosphere. 

This airport is an excellent terminal for air cargo service, and 13 million tones are transported annually. High technology in this airport makes a fantastic atmosphere for air freight. 

Dubai International Airport

“Dubai International Airport” is one of the central terminals for air cargo service in the Middle East and the world. 

It can be claimed that the best facilities for air freight are at this airport. Many companies transport their goods globally in this airport. Besides, shipping goods through Dubai provide an excellent chance for businessmen and businesswomen. Cargo Mega Terminal, Dubai Flower Center, and Dubai Airport Free zone are new services. 

All in All, this airport is well prepared to meet the needs of the cargo community. 

Know other airports in the Middle East

In this article, we tried to open a new window for becoming familiar with essential airports in the Middle East.

As you know, the Middle East is a huge and ancient part of the world. Other airports in this region will provide a right destination for air freight. It is better to try to know all the important information about the targeted country before ordering goods. It will help you to choose the best one.

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What is Top airports in the Middle East?

in the middle east, we have many airports but these 5 airports are the 5 top: Beirut International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Abu Dhabi International Airport, King Abdul-Aziz International Airport – Jeddah, Sharjah International Airport

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