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5 Top Markets in Guangzhou | All Importers Must Read!

5 Top Markets in Guangzhou | All Importers Must Read!

There are over 1,000 wholesale markets in Guangzhou covering over 40 product categories, including clothes, shoes, toys, luggage, furniture, daily supplies, and electronics. In this article, ddpch will introduce 5 top markets in Guangzhou. If you are importing from China, this article is a good guide.

Top Markets in Guangzhou

1: Baima Clothing Wholesale Market

Baima Clothing Wholesale Market is currently Guangzhou’s largest high-grade wholesale clothing market. The number one of the top markets in Guangzhou has the best decoration and the most organized administration.

  • Address: No.16, Zhannan Road, Yuexiu District; close to Guangzhou Railway Station
  • Working Hours: 8:30 – 17:30

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2: Shahe Clothes Wholesale Market

As one of Guangzhou’s three biggest wholesale and distribution centers for clothes, Shahe Wholesale Market is a good place to buy low-grade women’s clothing and men’s clothing at a low price.

  • Address: East Guangyuan Road, Tianhe District
  • Working Hours: 5:00 – 23:00 on workdays; 5:00 – 14:00 on weekends and holidays

3: Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market

Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market is number 3 on the top markets in Guangzhou list. As a busy wholesale market in Guangzhou, Shisanhang Clothes Wholesale Market offers primarily mid- and low-grade clothing, including leather garments, knitting, sweaters, coats, shirts, pants, etc.

  • Address: At the junction of Shisanhang Road and Doulangshang Street, Liwan District
  • Working Hours: 9:00 – 14:00

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4: Guangda Vast Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza

The Guangda Vast Foreign Trade Shoes Plaza is South China’s biggest wholesale shoe market. Moreover, this market offers all sorts of clothing, such as sports shoes, hiking shoes, ankle boots, leather accessories, and kid’s shoes. In addition, customers can purchase the most trendy stylish shoes. Regardless, another appealing factor of the number 4 on the top markets in Guangzhou for consumers is the low price of shoes.

  • Address: Junction between Fenghuang Grand Avenue and Qingcha Road, Baiyun District
  • Working Hours: 11:00 – 19:00

5: Liwan Toys Wholesale Market

Liwan Toys ‘ Wholesale Market is one of the main toy wholesale markets in Guangdong Province. The market sells primarily electronic toys, toys for voice control, toys for remote control, and stuffed toys. In addition, despite the distribution, companies often work for retailers.

  • Address: No. 36-38, Zhongshan Eighth Road, Liwan District
  • Working Hours: 9:00 – 17:00

Lastly, now that we know about the top markets in Guangzhou, you must know that The DDPCH can manage every step of your import process. We are the experts in transportation to the Middle East. And with our years of experience in delivering sea and air freight, express cargos, Amazon FBA, and DDP shipments, we guarantee the fastest and most reliable procedures.

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